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Veteran Trauma & Mental Condition Claims in Winston-Salem

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Many veterans return from active duty with ailments or disabling conditions. While the most apparent service-connected injuries may be physical conditions such as amputations or burn scars, a valid claim for benefits can also center around a mental health issue, such as those covered by Winston-Salem veteran mental condition claims.

For example, many former servicemembers are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or a collection of poor mental health symptoms when they return home or even many years after service. In order to qualify for VA benefits, though, you must be able to attribute your injury to an incident that occurred during active duty.

Fortunately, a VA-accredited attorney at VetLaw can help you pursue a mental health claim in Winston-Salem and evaluate how your time on active duty affected your mental health. Our team of lawyers can answer any questions you have about filing an initial application for benefits, as well as assist you with the appeals process if you receive a denial from the VA.

Common Mental Health Conditions Resulting from Active Duty

Serving in the United States military can inflict a lot of stress on the bodies and minds of servicemembers. Unfortunately, service-related damage to a veteran’s mental health can be just as severe as physical disabilities incurred during active duty.

For example, witnessing acts of violence, exposure to combat, and sustaining a wound can all have a profound impact on a former servicemember’s mental wellbeing. As a result, many veterans may find themselves suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, flashbacks, or a combination thereof, any of which may justify veteran mental condition claims in Winston-Salem.

Connecting a Mental Health Condition to Active Duty

The VA’s disability compensation benefits program only issues payments to veterans who suffer from service-connected injuries. In other words, you must prove that you have a disabling mental health condition and that your condition is the result of an incident that occurred while on active duty in order to receive benefits.

For example, a mental health claim in Winston-Salem based on a PTSD diagnosis must also identify an event that led to the trauma in question. Fortunately, VetLaw’s team of attorneys can help you trace your condition to a specific incident during your active duty service.

Additionally, VA disability benefits may also be awarded for a combination of mental health and physical service-related injuries. For instance, it is expected that mental health concerns may accompany severe physical injuries. A VA-accredited lawyer can help you establish a qualifying connection between your physical condition and poor mental health.

Call an Attorney to Learn More About Mental Health Claims in Winston-Salem

The emotional traumas that may result from active duty can be just as severe as physical injuries. Conditions that may qualify you for VA disability compensation include anxiety, depression, PTSD, or a combination thereof as long as you can identify a specific event during your time on active duty that led to your condition.

VetLaw’s team of attorneys can help you trace the origin of your service-connected injury, explain the VA’s qualifying criteria, and determine whether your situation qualifies you for disability benefits as well as assist you if you receive a denial. Call today to learn more about what goes into successful mental health claims in Winston-Salem.