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What is a Secondary Condition?

Summary Veterans with service-connected disabilities frequently develop secondary conditions, costing them in medical bills, as well as their ability to work and enjoy life. Proving that there is a connection between the primary disability and Secondary Condition requires compelling medical evidence and a VA disability claims attorney’s legal expertise. Examples of Secondary Conditions may include […]

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Unaccredited VA Consultants and Their Predatory Practices

Summary Hiring an unaccredited VA consultant deprives veterans of key protections. Using unaccredited VA consultants for veterans disability claims is risky because they can charge massive fees while employing dubious methods. If a consultant or coach is not recognized by the VA, they do not have the authority to assist you with your veterans disability […]

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Understanding the 5, 10, and 20 Year Rule for Veteran Disability

Summary The five, ten, and twenty-year rules stipulate under what conditions the VA can and cannot reduce a veteran’s disability rating A disability rating indicates the extent of a veteran’s impairment and how long their service-related disability is expected to last Veterans with severe disabilities that are highly unlikely to improve are typically protected from […]

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How Headaches Can Be Linked to Mental Health

Summary Many veterans suffer from debilitating migraine headaches caused by service-connected disabilities, including mental health issues. Research suggests mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD can cause migraines. The VA recognizes migraines as secondary conditions, so vets can potentially secure a higher disability rating with greater benefits. One of the most common health […]

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What Veterans Need to Know About the PACT Act

Summary The PACT Act is a law that dramatically expands the scope of VA disability benefits available to military veterans suffering from the effects of toxic exposure. A massive lobbying effort, led by a combat veteran who died from toxic burn pit exposure, helped pass the PACT Act. The PACT Act increases coverage for veterans […]

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