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2023 VA Disability Compensation Rates

The VA disability compensation rates are set to increase for 2023. If you’re a veteran, this will have an impact on your monthly benefits. It’s important to understand the new rates so that you know what to expect, beginning with the payment you will receive at the end of December 2021. As a reminder, VA […]

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Groundbreaking Toxic Exposure Legislation To Help Generations of Veterans

New legislation has been passed to provide benefits for millions of veterans who endured toxic exposure during their service. The full title of the law is the ‘Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act of 2021.’ It’s also known as the Honoring our PACT Act or, more simply, the PACT Act. The toxic exposure […]

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VA Proposed Rating Schedule Changes: Understanding The Potential Impact

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recently published a series of proposed changes to the VA rating schedule. The VA proposed rating schedule changes are intended to ensure that veterans are accurately compensated for their disability. As treatment protocols and medical science advance, the VA feels it is time to ensure that veteran payments […]

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VA Attorney Brendan Garcia Explains The New VA Presumptive Conditions Connected To Particulate Matter Exposure

The Department of Veteran Affairs has recognized three respiratory conditions —asthma, rhinitis, and sinusitis— as presumptive conditions in relation to particulate matter pollution for vets who served in Southwest Asia and other specific regions. Nationwide VA attorney Brendan Garcia explains the impact this change has on veterans’ disability claims. Expanding The List of Presumptive Conditions […]

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VA Plans To Outsource C&P Exams: What Does This Mean For You?

Several months ago, the Veterans Administration (VA) announced that it is planning to outsource all of its compensation and pension exams, commonly referred to as C&P exams. As you know, these exams are used to determine whether a veteran is eligible to receive VA benefits. Read on for more information about the decision and what […]

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