Absolutely the best attorney for getting your VA benefits. After 7 years of denial, I found Brendan Garcia of VetLaw. He reviewed my case, set up a plan , scheduled my video hearing in front of a Veteran law judge, flew out to Phoenix to be there with me during the hearing. Hired a doctor to help draft a report to help my case. When all the smoked cleared, I’m now collecting max disability monthly, back pay beyond my wildest dreams. Brendan Garcia never stopped. He is an expert in Veterans law. Best decision of my life was to have him on my side. Bar none, Brendan is a terrific VA benefits attorney!


I found VetLaw through a google search because I needed assistance with my VA claim. They were in touch with me immediately and began assessing and working on my claim instantly. I did not have to do a lot of explaining as to why I deserved an increase in my rating whereas in the past I explained to everyone that was supposed to be assisting me, the veteran. VetLaw gave me assurance that I was not alone in this process that they are well qualified to help. VetLaw fights for Veterans.


I submitted my own claim and was denied. I submitted an appeal and was denied, I submitted an appeal to higher court and was denied. I contacted VetLaw and was treated just awesome. They answered all my questions and kept me up to date on everything. If I didn’t understand something, they explained it to me. I can’t thank them enough because I was approved for my husband’s monthly disability benefits and back pay to the date he passed away.


I would like to thank Mr. Garcia for his assistance in resolving my VA Appeals. I have worked with Mr. Garcia for several years on multiple appeals and he has been a pleasure to work with throughout the process. He is a true professional and has a wide area of expertise. Mr. Garcia does not quit working for you until he gets your appeal resolved in a manner which accurately reflects your entitlements. He is persistent and thorough and has the Veteran’s best interests at heart. Thank you again Mr. Garcia, it was a working with you and your staff.


I have been trying to get unemployability. was denied. so, I when to a VSO they told me I need to get this and that, not much help. I was at a loss what to do next. so, I called Vet Law. my case worker was Teresa. 9 months later. 100% P&T! Got monthly updates, could not be happier with service and outcome. THANK YOU, VET LAW.


I have been dealing with the VA for Bladder cancer for over Three years. It was denied once then approveded for only 1 year back pay and temporary based on my future success in treatment. I contacted VALaw and they started a new claim. two years later and I finally received the prior two years back pay and a permanent status. I cannot be more pleased with VetLaw for making it right.