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What Are VA Survivor Benefits, and How Long Do They Last?

There are a number of benefits available for the spouse and unmarried dependent children of deceased veterans. An experienced VA disability attorney can help you understand if you qualify for these VA survivor benefits, how long they last, and can even provide services to help you access the benefits you are eligible to receive. What…

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How Long Do VA Disability Payments Last? A Guide for Veterans

Many veterans wonder, "How long do VA disability payments last?" This is an important question if you receive these benefits or plan to apply for them. The VA does not place an arbitrary time limit on disability benefits. Veterans can continue to receive this compensation for as long as they meet the eligibility requirements, whether…

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Individual Unemployability – Does VA owe you TDIU Back Pay?

INDIVIDUAL UNEMPLOYABILITY: TDIU BACK PAY Perhaps you joined the military with the goal of serving through one contract, or maybe you intended for service in the military to be your career. What you didn’t plan for was an injury or illness that occurred during your time in the military restricting your ability to work for…

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The 5 Things You Need to Know About the VA Disability 5 Year Rule

5 Things You Need to Know About the VA Disability 5 Year Rule

After finally receiving your VA disability benefits, you may worry that the VA will ultimately attempt to reduce your compensation. Fortunately, there are protections in place that may allow you to keep your current disability rating. The VA Disability 5 Year Rule could allow you to maintain your benefits indefinitely. If you have received a…

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