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Winning a VA Appeal: What Veterans Need to Know

If you were denied benefits or disagree with your current disability rating, you need to know all you can about winning a VA appeal. At VetLaw, we help veterans pursue the benefits that they're entitled to. We can help you cut through the red tape and ever-changing regulations. Some of the most common reasons for…

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Steps to Take Following a Veterans Disability Claim Denial

If you applied for veterans disability benefits and received a denial on your claim or your disability was assigned a low rating, you have done a wise thing by exploring this website and considering asking a lawyer to handle your appeal. VetLaw, has stood by many veterans whose injuries and illnesses began during the course…

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The 5 Things You Need to Know About the VA Disability 5 Year Rule

Five Things To Know About the VA Disability 5 Year Rule | FAQs

After finally receiving your VA disability benefits, you may worry that the VA will ultimately attempt to reduce your compensation. Fortunately, there are protections in place that may allow you to keep your current disability rating. The VA Disability 5 Year Rule could allow you to maintain your benefits indefinitely. If you have received a…

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What You Should Know About VA Survivor Benefits & DIC Benefits

Widowed spouses of military veterans often become acquainted with the VA and the complexities of VA benefits during one of the most stressful and challenging moments of their lives. The loss of a spouse is emotionally taxing, and navigating your financial affairs can seem like an overwhelming burden when you would rather spend time honoring…

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