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Army veterans with service-connected disabilities can seek VA benefits to offset the costs of their injury or illness.


  • Army VA benefits lawyers are responsible for advising veterans with service-related disabilities on how to navigate the appeals process and secure VA disability benefits
  • The VA sets standards for Army veterans who apply for disability benefits, and if their claim lacks evidence of eligibility the VA can deny it.
  • Army veterans have to fulfill a service requirement and prove they have a service-connected disability to secure VA disability benefits.
  • There are several types of VA disability benefits that Army veterans may qualify for, including disability compensation, Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU), and Special Monthly Compensation (SMC).

Many veterans exit the Army with a service-related disability or go on to develop health issues that can be traced back to their military service. Unfortunately, the process for claiming VA disability benefits can involve being denied.

With the proper legal support, Army veterans can substantially increase their likelihood of filing a successful VA appeal to receive disability benefits.

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Why the Army VA Benefits Lawyers of VetLaw Are Your Best Bet

As VA-accredited veterans disability claims lawyers, we have witnessed the incredible impact receiving disability benefits can have on Army vets and their families. The path to obtaining VA disability benefits may involve an appeal, which is where we can offer you unparalleled representation.

VetLaw specializes in helping vets who have been unfairly denied by the VA. We won’t let a rejection stop us from advocating for you to receive the VA benefits you are owed.

Our Army VA benefits lawyers will leverage our considerable experience to persuade the VA to grant your appeal. You can also benefit from our investigative skills, understanding of VA procedures, and refined legal instincts. 

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Our team of veterans disability benefits denial attorneys is detail-oriented, compassionate, and seasoned. We believe that Army veterans who were harmed as a result of their service deserve our best. At VetLaw, we work tirelessly to meet that goal.

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Criteria for Army Veterans Seeking VA Disability Benefits

Before you can collect VA disability benefits, the VA must vet your claim. The VA is looking for documentation that proves they are responsible for covering costs associated with your disability.

VA eligibility requirements for disability compensation are the same across the Navy, Marines, and Air Force. However, keep in mind that Army Reserve veterans seeking benefits may have additional conditions.

The VA is only obligated to provide disability benefits if your Army VA disability claim includes evidence of the following:

  • You were on active duty for 2 years or completed your Army contract, and your character of discharge is other-than-Dishonorable.
  • You have a medical condition that is currently harming your mental or physical health; this includes a pre-existing condition that has gotten worse.
  • An event, incident, or ongoing condition during your military service is responsible for causing your current health condition or aggravating a pre-existing medical problem.

Common Illnesses and Injuries Linked to Serving in the Army 

Serving in the Army is a physically and mentally demanding experience. Army personnel can suffer service-related disabilities at any point during their training or service. Additionally, they may develop medical conditions from cumulative damage. Service-connected disabilities can also spawn Secondary Conditions.

Among Army veterans, the following are some of the most common service-related mental and physical conditions.

  • Joint, muscle, and nerve damage from acute injuries sustained in falls and explosions or acquired from the stress of jumping out of vehicles, lifting heavy materials, and repeated straining; specifically, limitation of flexion in the knees, lumbosacral strain, and cervical strain 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from engaging in combat, sustaining catastrophic injuries like amputations, or witnessing violent or disturbing incidents
  • Tinnitus and hearing loss caused by frequent exposure to high-decibel sounds like gunfire, running engines, or equipment, or due to a single event involving a particularly loud noise

Army Veterans May Qualify For Multiple Kinds of VA Disability Benefits

The amount and type of VA disability benefits you are entitled to are largely dictated by your disability rating and the level of support you require. Army veterans should provide detailed and accurate information about their service-related health conditions, as well as any connected secondary conditions.

That helps to ensure that they have the best chance of securing a fair outcome. The following are a few examples of VA disability benefits.

Disability Compensation: Army veterans can obtain compensation for medical care linked to their disability. Plus, it helps mitigate the income they lost while recovering or undergoing treatment. This benefit also covers ongoing healthcare costs, such as chemotherapy, a wheelchair, or physical therapy.

Total Disability due to Individual Unemployability: Service-related disabilities can interfere with an Army vet’s ability to maintain gainful employment. If your disability rating meets a certain threshold and you are physically or mentally unable to hold a job that supports you, you may be eligible for TDIU benefits.

Special Monthly Compensation: Army veterans with catastrophic injuries or their families may receive SMC. A vet who depended on a family member to help them with daily tasks, like getting dressed and showering, could potentially qualify for Aid and Assistance benefits. Certain service-related disabilities can automatically qualify for SMC.

As your needs change based on how you heal, the VA may adjust your disability rating and benefits.

Why the Army VA Benefits Lawyers of VetLaw Are Crucial to Your VA Disability Appeals Claim

When you are faced with staggering medical bills and a health condition that limits your ability to earn a paycheck or care for yourself, it can seem like nothing is working in your favor. Hiring the Army VA benefits lawyers of VetLaw can help you shift course. Our veterans disability lawyers provide robust legal support that produces impressive results.

We will start by addressing why the VA denied your claim, and then begin working on a powerful appeal. From there, our veterans disability claims attorneys will help you find the best way forward. Our team will carefully monitor the progress of your appeal to ensure you receive maximum benefits.

Meet With the Army VA Benefits Lawyers of VetLaw to Discuss Your Case

Army veterans trust VetLaw with their future, and we don’t let them down. Our comprehensive services are unrivaled. At VetLaw, we pour our knowledge, experience, and expertise into securing the veterans disability benefits our clients deserve.

The sooner you reach out to an Army VA benefits lawyer at VetLaw, the closer you are to being reimbursed for expenses like medical bills and loss of income. Get your VA disability appeal on the right track by calling VetLaw at (855) 500-4672 or filling out a contact form to set up a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the VA require a C&P exam for presumptive conditions?

C&P exams are scheduled at the VA’s discretion in most cases. If you are eligible to file a claim for a presumptive service-related condition, that just means the VA has admitted your disability is an established risk of serving under those conditions.

However, the VA may still want to verify the extent of your disability with a C&P exam, even if they recognize its service connection.

How long will my Army VA disability benefits last?

There is no standard answer for how long VA disability benefits last, as each claim is different. For example, an Army vet with a simple broken arm would likely only need support for a few months while they heal.

In contrast, an Army veteran who develops a chronic condition like sleep apnea due to toxic burn pit exposure would likely be eligible for benefits for a much longer period of time. Army veterans with a Permanent and Total disability status should receive VA disability benefits as long as they live.

Additionally, if you have maintained the same disability rating for a certain amount of time and your condition has not significantly improved, you may be guaranteed some VA disability benefits for the rest of your life under the VA’s 10-year rule or 20-year rule

Do I have to pay taxes on back pay for VA disability benefits?

No. VA disability benefits, including back pay for benefits owed, are tax-exempt.