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Veterans who served in the U.S. Navy can earn access to an array of VA disability benefits by demonstrating proof of a service-related disability.


  • Navy veterans may suffer from physical and mental conditions due to their service, making them eligible for compensation through the VA.
  • The claims process for VA disability benefits can be complex, but a Navy VA benefits lawyer can offer helpful guidance.
  • To qualify for VA disability benefits, Navy vets need to meet certain criteria, including showing proof that their disability has a service connection.
  • Navy veterans may be entitled to multiple types of VA disability benefits for service-connected disabilities, including medical expenses, income support, housing assistance, and education benefits.

Serving in the Navy can result in injuries or illnesses that cause physical and mental impairments. Through the VA, Navy vets can receive compensation based on how their disability impacts their lives, although the claims process presents many obstacles.

VetLaw is the top choice for Sailors looking to pursue VA disability benefits after being denied. As Navy VA benefits lawyers, we have overseen a range of successful appeals for disability claims based on both physical and mental conditions.

We have the experience and determination to see your Navy VA disability claim through to a favorable resolution. Give us a call at (855) 500-4672 or complete a contact form through our website to schedule a free case evaluation. 

Why Navy Vets Should Choose VetLaw

At VetLaw, we look at each Navy veteran as an individual with unique needs as we help them prepare for a VA appeal. We will meticulously review your case to see what evidence gaps we can fill, what method of appeal makes the most sense, and whether there are any administrative errors we can correct.

Our team understands the technical and legal aspects of appealing a VA disability claim, as well as the value of a candid yet respectful approach to dealing with clients. With VetLaw, you won’t have to wonder if you are a priority to us because our commitment is clear in everything we do.

Reviews and Case Results

When you hire VetLaw, you are opting into our comprehensive legal services that put you first. We will make every effort to ensure that your Navy VA disability claim is evaluated fairly and compensated properly.

Our methods are proven to overcome the challenges of the VA appeals process, leaving our clients satisfied. This is just a sample of our reviews:

“The firm [VetLaw] took complete charge and made it so easy for me. They are great at their job, so glad I located them. Thank you all for everything.”

“VetLaw is an outstanding and Veteran driven organization.”

Understanding the Basis for VA Compensation

Navy veterans can collect tax-exempt disability benefits for service-related injuries in many cases. Benefits are not contingent upon rank, but rather rating. To receive VA disability benefits, sailors need to be able to produce documentation of the following:

  • Completion of the minimum service requirements or 2 years active duty and a discharge condition that is other-than-Dishonorable
  • Medical confirmation of a current physical or mental condition
  • A nexus between the health condition and military service

As a result of the provisions of the PACT Act, Navy veterans may have an easier time establishing a service connection for toxic exposure injuries to obtain disability benefits. 

Common Disabilities Among Navy Veterans

The Navy offers a wide range of careers that involve different risks based on the responsibilities and location of the role. Whether you worked in a lab, combat zone, clinic, office, submarine, airfield, or another capacity for the Navy, a service-related injury or illness is a possibility.

Some common examples of service-connected disabilities associated with service in the Navy include:

  • Hearing loss from working with loud engines, machinery, and weapons
  • Crush injuries from being trapped between, under, or against surfaces 
  • Back problems from heavy lifting, bending over, and working in tight spaces
  • Burns from handling corrosive materials or touching hot equipment
  • Cancer and chronic illnesses from exposure to toxic substances like AFFF firefighting foam
  • Repetitive stress injuries due to tasks that require the same motions over and over
  • Mental health conditions like PTSD or anxiety from witnessing or experiencing trauma

Types of VA Disability Benefits Available to Navy Veterans

Having a service-connected disability does not automatically make you eligible for the full scope of VA disability benefits. Instead, your benefit options increase alongside your disability rating. VA disability benefits may include compensation for the following.

Medical expenses: Your benefits can cover various treatments for your disability, such as medication, chemo, physical therapy, surgery, and more. This category can also include Aid and Assistance if your disability means that you depend on a family member to provide some measure of care.

Income: If your service-related disability prevents you from working temporarily or permanently, you could be eligible for benefits like Total Disability due to Individual Unemployability that cover or supplement your wages. 

Housing: Serious injuries or illnesses can make it difficult to afford or modify a house to be accessible, but Navy vets with service-connected disabilities may receive financial assistance from the VA to help.

Education: Many vets are familiar with the provisions of the GI Bill, but there is additional assistance for disabled veterans. VA Education and Training benefits can go towards textbooks, tuition, and other educational expenses.

What the Navy VA Benefits Lawyers of VetLaw Can Do For Your Claim

Making an appeal to the VA can become a drain on your health and finances, especially if you try to handle your case without the legal insight of a Navy VA benefits lawyer. Our team at VetLaw has seen it all, and we are not intimidated by the VA appeals process.

We have spent nearly a decade overturning VA denials for Navy vets seeking the compensation they were promised if they sustained a service-related injury. To us, it is a privilege to offer expert legal assistance to Navy veterans. Our team will establish a plan to maximize your VA disability benefits so you and your family can move forward.

Reach Out to VetLaw About How Our Navy VA Benefits Lawyers Can Help You 

A service-related injury or illness can prevent you from leading the life you anticipated after leaving the Navy. Our team of veterans disability benefits denial attorneys at VetLaw is invested in setting you up for a brighter future.

We will work to help you secure VA disability benefits to go toward medical expenses, improving your home, accessing education, and affording your bills. 

Get in touch with our team of experienced Navy VA benefits lawyers by calling (855) 500-4672 or submitting a contact form through our website. We encourage you to contact us sooner rather than later so that we can get you on track to securing the VA disability benefits you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a VA consultant to help me file my claim or appeal?

While it is understandable to want someone with experience with the VA to help you pursue disability benefits, hiring a shady VA consultant or “coach” is not the answer.

They don’t need to acquire any credentials to hold this role, unlike a VA-accredited disability claims lawyer, so you may not be getting the knowledge you are paying a high price for. 

Additionally, they are generally insulated from consequences if they use questionable methods to help you build your case. VA-accredited veterans disability claims attorneys are accountable for their conduct. Plus, they only receive their fee if they help you collect benefits.

How do I qualify for an extra-schedular rating with the VA?

For a typical disability rating, the VA has certain medical criteria that correspond with each percentage. If you don’t present with the symptoms assigned to that rating, it can be difficult to access the level of benefits you need. 

Extra-schedular ratings are reserved for service-related disabilities that have rare presentations where using the standard scale doesn’t accurately represent the severity of the disability.

What are some mistakes Navy veterans make when filing a VA disability claim?

A Navy VA benefits lawyer can help you correct or avoid errors that may lower your disability rating or undermine your claim. The VA often denies claims based on mistakes like: