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Winston-Salem Veteran Physical Condition Claims

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Those who join the United States military do so with the understanding that their service may involve a great risk of personal injury. Physical injuries can be sustained in combat, in the air, on the water, during training, and even while off base during personal time.

If you suffered a service-connected injury, you may have the right to pursue a physical condition claim for VA disability compensation benefits. Any condition which leaves you with a physical disability that resulted from an event during active duty may qualify you for these payments, and a VA-accredited disability claims attorney can help you understand the legal requirements for veteran physical condition claims in Winston-Salem and pursue the benefits you deserve.

The VA’s Disability Compensation Benefits Program

The Veterans’ Disability Compensation Program offers benefits to former servicemembers who sustained injuries during their time on active duty as long as their conditions meet the program’s qualifying criteria. First, in most cases you must have received a discharge under honorable conditions from the military—your DD-214 paperwork can prove this status, as well as establish how long you were on active duty.

Second, you must prove that you suffer from a disabling condition. Attending appointments with VA doctors who can document your disabilities and their effect on your life can produce sufficient evidence of your condition’s existence. Working directly with VA physicians and VetLaw’s team or attorneys can also help coordinate the proper link, including whether the VA may be able to assign you a total disability rating based on individual unemployability (TDIU), which results in payment at the 100-percent disability rate.

Finally, the VA requires former servicemembers to point to a specific event during active duty that led to their injury, such as being wounded in an IED explosion. A veteran may also argue that serving on active duty made an existing condition worse—this usually applies to diseases such as asthma that do not disqualify a person from serving on active duty but that active duty may exacerbate. VetLaw’s team of attorneys can explain VA’s requirements for physical condition claims in Winston-Salem and help you determine whether your circumstances qualify you for benefits.

Physical Conditions that May Lead to a Successful Claim in Winston-Salem

A disabling condition must limit a person’s ability to participate in day-to-day activities to qualify them for benefits. For example, many successful claims center around arthritis, partially healed fractures, muscle injuries, or even less severe conditions.

Hearing loss is a common service-related injury that can result from a nearby explosion, serving in an artillery unit or a submarine, operating heavy machinery, or any other noise exposure while in service. As long as your hearing loss is related to your time on active duty, you may have a successful disability claim.

A disability does not need to be the result of combat, as many successful physical condition claims in Winston-Salem involve training exercise accidents or incidents that occur while serving in an administrative or logistical capacity. Fortunately, a knowledgeable Winston Salem VA appeals lawyer can help you make a connection between your time on active duty and your current disabilities.

Consult with an Attorney About Physical Condition Claims in Winston-Salem

Many veterans return to their civilian lives with wounds or other service-connected injuries. Whether sustained on the front lines, in training accidents, or from physical strain on base, your physical injury may qualify you for compensation.

VetLaw’s team of skilled lawyers can help prepare you for filing a claim for VA disability benefits by explaining the qualifying criteria and evaluating whether you meet those criteria. Additionally, they can work with you to pursue an appeal if you receive a denial of benefits. Call today to learn more about veteran physical condition claims in Winston-Salem.

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