About Us

VetLaw is the law firm of choice for veterans in all 50 states. Our main office is located one block from VA’s Regional Office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Winston-Salem office was founded for the sole purpose of representing veterans and their families struggling to obtain VA benefits. Our practice still follows the initial principles set forth by our Founding Attorney, Marine Corps veteran Brendan Garcia.

Owner and
Lead Attorney
  • United States Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims
  • Brendan is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps
Appellate Attorney
  • United States Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims
  • Former Case Manager at an Immigration Law Firm

Experience With VA Disability Appeals
And In The Courtroom

Brendan Garcia formed VetLaw in 2014 for the purpose of assisting other veterans who were frustrated with the VA process, in order to provide them with guidance and legal counsel through the complex process of obtaining VA benefits. Since that time, he has assisted hundreds of veterans at all levels of the VA appeals process.

Matthew White joined the firm in 2017, bringing his unique experiences and his desire to help veterans navigate the VA appeals process. Matthew primarily works with veterans that have been denied at the Board of Veterans Appeals with their appellate cases before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

With extensive litigation, negotiation and mediation experience, and a track record of successful results, VetLaw’s attorneys are well known in the community and respected by colleagues both local and nationwide.

All of our attorneys take pride in keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in VA disability benefits for veterans, the law and court rulings so they can serve clients to the best of their abilities.

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