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The VA offers qualified Coast Guard veterans benefits based on their service-connected disabilities.


  • The most effective way to obtain VA disability benefits for a service-related disability after a denial is to hire a Coast Guard VA benefits lawyer to manage your appeal.
  • Coast Guard veterans are responsible for demonstrating the connection between their military service and their illness or injury to claim VA disability benefits.
  • Service-related disabilities can cost Coast Guard veterans and their families, but VA disability benefits for medical care, lost wages, and housing can help reimburse them.

Veterans who were injured due to serving in the U.S. Coast Guard must be able to show that they meet the VA’s terms to collect disability benefits. The process of proving your eligibility can take time and considerable effort, which delays the dispersal of your benefits.

Coasties are entitled to the same VA disability benefits as members of other branches, and our team of Coast Guard VA benefits attorneys is prepared to take action to help you secure them. 

Fighting a denied veterans disability claim requires the skill and diligence that VetLaw is known for. Get in touch with our team by calling (855) 500-4672 or submitting a contact form to schedule a free consultation. 

Why U.S. Coast Guard Veterans Choose VetLaw to Represent Their VA Claims

Our nationwide team is VA-accredited, and our Coast Guard VA benefits lawyers are a force to be reckoned with. Taking a passive approach to a VA appeal is risky. You should not hesitate to involve VetLaw to help you secure the disability benefits you have earned.

We can help you avoid mistakes that could hold your claim back, gather evidence to solidify your position, and guide you through each step of the VA disability appeals process to give your case the best chance of success. Our accomplished team at VetLaw is exceptional in terms of results and dedication to our clients.

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Our team is constantly working to earn the trust of our clients, which means living up to the bar we have set. At Vet Law, we will reliably provide the legal assistance you need.

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Eligibility Requirements For Coast Guard Veterans to Receive Disability Benefits

As a Coastie, you may have questions about qualifying for VA disability benefits given that the Coast Guard is overseen by the Department of Homeland Security rather than the Department of Defense. Coast Guard vets are also entitled to VA disability benefits, as long as they meet the standard requirements. That means proving:

  • You are a Coast Guard veteran who fulfilled their contract or served at least 2 years active duty. You did not receive a Dishonorable discharge.
  • You currently suffer from a health condition and possess a diagnosis from a healthcare provider. The condition can be an illness or injury, and it can be a mental or physical condition.
  • Your disability is a consequence of working for the Coast Guard, or a pre-existing condition became more severe due to your service.

U.S. Coast Guard Veterans Are at Risk of Common Service-Related Disabilities 

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard regularly encounter hazards on the job that make them susceptible to severe illness or injury. In addition to the common disabilities that veterans of any branch are at risk of sustaining, Coasties have a heightened risk of certain injuries due to their duties and the equipment they work with.

The following are notable service-related disabilities for Coast Guard veterans:

  • Hearing impairment due to working around loud machinery and engines, such as helicopters and ships
  • Joint and muscle damage from moving heavy materials, maintaining the same position for extended periods, and carrying out standard duties
  • Cancer, organ damage, and other serious conditions linked to AFFF firefighting foam exposure from contaminated drinking water or using AFFF to extinguish fires
  • High blood pressure and kidney issues from exposure to lead paint on older Coast Guard cutters
  • Lung cancer and respiratory issues from serving on Coast Guard cutters with asbestos
  • Mental conditions like anxiety and depression are common among Coast guard vets. The pressure of performing rescue operations, suffering trauma, or dealing with high-pressure situations while enforcing the law can cause mental health issues.

Coast Guard Vets Can Receive a Range of VA Disability Benefits 

In most cases, the more severe your service-related disability is, the greater the amount of VA disability benefits you are entitled to receive. Based on your VA disability rating, you may be able to collect VA disability benefits for:

Medical bills: Recovering from a service-connected illness or injury can include a number of costs. For example, a wheelchair, medical imaging, hearing aids, medication, and counseling can be expensive.

School expenses: Developing a disability from your Coast Guard service can entitle you to VA Education and Training benefits. If you want to further your education or receive vocational training, you can apply benefits to costs like tuition.

Adapting a home: VA disability benefits can help cover the costs of remodeling your home to accommodate your disability. For example, you could use benefits to install a ramp or widen doorways.

Lost earnings: If your service-related disability has made it impossible for you to work or forced you into taking a lower-paying job, the VA offers financial compensation to offset the loss of income.

Why You Need a VetLaw Coast Guard VA Benefits Lawyer to Take On the VA

After your VA disability benefits claim has been denied, it’s time to take a strong stance by hiring the relentless Coast Guard VA benefits lawyers of VetLaw. We won’t be deterred from advocating for you to receive the VA disability benefits you need. Benefits are crucial to balancing out the costs of your service-related illness or injury.

You won’t find a team that is more dedicated to ensuring their clients are supported while pursuing VA disability benefits. Our Coast Guard VA benefits lawyers are effective communicators and capable representatives who are ready to work for you.

Trust in the Expertise of the Coast Guard VA Benefits Lawyers of VetLaw 

At VetLaw, we know medical bills and living expenses don’t stop while you await a VA decision on disability benefits. Our team will work tirelessly to guide your Coast Guard disability benefits claim through the VA’s hoops. That way, you can start collecting benefits as soon as possible.

We have almost a decade of experience representing veterans who have been denied the benefits they deserve as VA-accredited veterans appeals lawyers, which means we can offer you an informed perspective on how to proceed.

You can give us a call at (855) 500-4672 or fill out a contact form through our website to schedule your free consultation with one of our skilled Coast Guard VA benefits lawyers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my disability rating change over time?

Yes, it’s common for VA disability ratings to change. However, certain injuries can warrant a Permanent Disability status. For the first 5 years after you receive your disability rating, the VA can review your rating if your medical condition is expected to improve, according to the 5-year rule

After that, provisions like the 10-year rule that allows qualified vets to maintain their disability rating.

Does the VA have a deadline for filing a Coast Guard disability claim for a service-related injury?

No, there is not a cut-off for Coast Guard veterans to file their initial VA disability claims. However, if you have filed a VA disability claim, been denied, and are now in the process of filing an appeal, there are deadlines throughout that process. 

To avoid jeopardizing your ability to collect benefits, you should consult with a Coast Guard VA benefits lawyer. They can help you keep track of crucial details like filing deadlines.  

What does it cost to hire a Coast Guard VA benefits attorney?

VA-accredited veterans disability lawyers work for a contingency fee. You don’t pay them anything to represent you unless and until they help you resolve your VA disability benefits claim. Their fee entitles them to a portion of the back pay benefits you received from a successful appeal.