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Veterans Disability Lawyer

VetLaw is the law firm of choice for veterans in all 50 states who have been denied VA benefits or awarded a lower rating than expected. Veterans can have their case reviewed by our team of attorneys to determine whether we can assist with an appeal.

VetLaw’s veteran disability lawyers work on behalf of veteran and disabled clients nationwide, including claims and appeals before any of VA’s 56 Regional Offices (located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines). Our veteran disability attorneys also routinely assist veterans with their appellate cases before the Board of Veterans Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, both located in Washington, D.C.

VetLaw was founded by Brendan Garcia, a United States Marine Corps veteran, and former VA attorney. VetLaw was founded for one purpose – to provide veterans the legal assistance they need and deserve to fight the overwhelming bureaucracies of VA and the Federal Government. Since there may be a time limit to file an appeal or supplemental claim while maintaining your potential effective date, don’t hesitate to reach out to VetLaw for a free case review today.

To learn more about the history of VetLaw and founding member Brendan Garcia, click here.

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Meet Our Team

Brendan Garcia

Brendan Garcia

Owner and Lead Attorney Brendan Garcia represents veterans in all 50 states with their VA Disability Appeals, in all stages of the VA Appeals process.

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Matthew  White

Matthew White

Appellate Attorney Matthew White represents veterans before the Board of Veterans Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

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The Role of Legal Counsel
How We Can Help You

Some veterans who are disabled apply for disability compensation and receive the compensation they deserve without much trouble. Unfortunately, most veterans encounter resistance when they attempt to make a claim and may be led astray by bad advice. The continually changing paperwork required by VA is confusing and causes many veterans to make unintended mistakes in their application or appeal.

The role of a VA disability lawyer is to bring clarity to the confusing nature of the appeals process. Though you typically must have been denied at least one time before an attorney can assist you, they are often able to quickly determine the missing link between your initial claim and what you need to prove entitlement. A careful review of the reasons for denial, the most appropriate method of appeal, and assisting you in developing the necessary medical evidence are all a part of the attorney’s job.

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Let a VA Disability Attorney Help

As noted above, it can be difficult to prove all three requirements by VA to obtain VA disability compensation benefits. The process to apply for benefits and choose which appeal route to follow may have lasting impacts on your case.

VetLaw can take the lead in assisting you with pursuing an appeal and obtaining the benefits that you deserve. Since there may be a limited time to act in some cases, do not hesitate to call a VA disability lawyer today and start exploring your options.

The Freedom Scholarship

VetLaw is excited to announce the 2019 Freedom Scholarship, formed to give students the opportunity to share their story about how being “free”has impacted their lives. The Freedom Scholarship will award $1000 to a student who best shares their story. For more details, visit our scholarship page.

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What is the Veterans Disability Compensation Program?

The Veterans Disability Compensation Program includes monetary benefits paid to veterans of the armed forces who suffer from a disability related to their active duty service. These are non-taxable benefits that can be used for everything from paying a mortgage to buying clothes and feeding children. Veterans must be able to show that they meet all three parts of VA’s criteria to be successful in obtaining these benefits.

First, the veteran must have a current disability. Although this sounds simple and obvious, it is not always clear what a disability is. Some conditions are obvious, such as a scar or other visible condition. Other veterans may suffer from pain in one or more joints. This type of disability is often hard to prove, but the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims has recently ruled that pain which results in function loss also qualifies as a disability for VA compensation purposes.

Second, you must be able to connect your current disability with your military service. Sometimes this connection is simple, such as when you broke your leg while serving in combat, and you have never fully healed. Other connections may not be as easy to show, such as degenerative disc disease which developed later in life from the rigors of military service.

Finally, an applicant must show veteran status, which may include a minimum period of service unless certain exceptions apply. A dishonorable discharge is typically a bar to benefits, but an attorney may be able to assist you in receiving a discharge upgrade if this is an issue.

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Put Our Veterans Disability Lawyers to Work For You

Disability compensation is a monthly monetary benefit paid to veterans who suffered injuries while on active duty that have had lasting effects on their health. A VA disability lawyer can help you pursue these benefits by assisting you in filing pursing an appeal after you have been denied during the appeal period, or in filing a Supplemental Claim at any time.

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