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What is the Average Compensation for Agent Orange Claims?

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The typical level of VA disability benefits for Agent Orange claims varies based on an individual veteran’s level of impairment from their service-connected injury or illness.


  • Agent Orange exposure has led to various severe health conditions in Vietnam War veterans, entitling them to VA disability benefits.
  • VA disability compensation rates for 2024 range depending on a veteran’s disability rating, number of dependents, and eligibility for Special Monthly Compensation.
  • Eligibility for VA disability benefits requires proof of service during the time and location of Agent Orange use, a medical diagnosis, and a nexus between the diagnosis and Agent Orange exposure.
  • Veterans with presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure are assumed to have a service connection.

More than 50 years after the U.S. military first utilized Agent Orange, many Vietnam War veterans are still suffering from the adverse health effects linked to the toxic chemical weed killer. The VA recognizes an array of service-related injuries and illnesses caused by Agent Orange exposure, entitling vets to VA disability benefits.  

Treating and coping with Agent Orange-related conditions, like lung cancer or Parkinson’s Disease, can quickly become expensive and exhausting. Veterans often want to ensure that the average compensation for Agent Orange claims will be sufficient to help offset their medical bills and loss of income.

Our team of veterans disability claims attorneys at VetLaw understands the importance of maximizing your benefits. As your legal representatives, we will remain communicative throughout the VA disability claims process, build and present a convincing appeal for compensation, and consider your needs at every step. 

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Current Average Compensation for Agent Orange Claims for Disabled Veterans

Veterans who are eligible to receive compensation for Agent Orange claims should determine their combined VA disability rating, and then look at the current Veterans Disability Compensation Rates for 2024.

Your Agent Orange compensation rate is not based exclusively on your level of disability, although this is the primary factor the VA uses to determine your monthly payments.

The following ranges are examples based on the VA’s 2024 average compensation rates. 

Single veteran, no dependents: $171.23/month for a 10% VA disability rating to $3,737.85/month for a 100% VA disability rating

Married veteran, no children: $171.23/month for a 10% VA disability rating to $3,946.25/month for a 100% VA disability rating

Married veteran, one parent: $171.23/month for a 10% VA disability rating to $4,113.51/month for a 100% VA disability rating

To find more information on rates for each VA disability rating level and for other combinations of dependents, check out these 2024 VA disability compensation rates tables.

How the VA Decides Compensation Rates for Agent Orange Claims

The VA has a percentage system for disability benefits, which assigns each qualifying condition a percentage that aligns with the severity and frequency of the veteran’s symptoms. Then, the VA uses a formula to calculate the veteran’s overall disability rating. This combined rating includes all mental and physical service-connected conditions.

The VA disability rating is connected to a set rate of monthly disability benefits. If you are married or you have dependents, the VA will increase the level of disability benefits it offers for your Agent Orange claim, as it presumes your service-related conditions also have a financial impact on your household.

Additionally, if your combined VA disability rating is 100%, you have a Permanent and Total disability status, or you are Individually Unemployable, you may qualify for extra compensation, like TDIU benefits. Vets with severe disabilities may have a spouse who qualifies for Aid and Assistance benefits, which can also increase the compensation the VA offers a family.

Eligibility for VA Disability Benefits for Agent Orange Exposure

As with any VA disability claim, vets seeking compensation for Agent Orange claims will need to prove they meet the service requirements to claim entitlement. After that, veterans must offer sufficient documentation of a service-connected disability. For Vietnam veterans filing Agent Orange claims, the process involves satisfying the following:

  • You served during a time and in a location where the military used Agent Orange, such as a Blue Water Zone.
  • You have a medical diagnosis from a licensed healthcare provider.
  • You can establish a medical nexus between your diagnosis and your exposure to Agent Orange on active duty.

The VA also maintains a list of presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure. That means veterans who have a presumptive illness or injury and served in an approved location when Agent Orange exposure occurred are not responsible for demonstrating a medical nexus. 

Vietnam veterans should check the updated list of locations of Agent Orange exposure, as the PACT Act of 2022 expanded eligibility by adding five additional areas. 

Let VetLaw Take Action to Secure VA Disability Benefits for Your Agent Orange Claim

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I seek compensation for multiple Agent Orange conditions?

Yes, you can apply for VA disability benefits for more than one service-related condition. This can include a combination of presumptive conditions, pre-existing conditions, and service-connected conditions.

You can also seek VA disability benefits for Secondary Conditions that develop as a result of your Agent Orange exposure-related disabilities.

What health conditions did Agent Orange exposure cause?

The list of medical problems connected to Agent Orange exposure is lengthy. It includes over a dozen types of cancer, such as lung cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, prostate cancer, and Chronic B-cell leukemia. 

Additionally, Agent Orange exposure can cause chronic conditions like Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), and Parkinson’s Disease.

Can a veteran’s dependents claim survivors benefits if the veteran died from a condition related to Agent Orange exposure?

VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation for survivors is potentially available to eligible children, parents, and spouses of deceased veterans who passed away from service-related disabilities.