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2024 VA Disability Compensation Rates | Your New Payments

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Veterans with service-related conditions may have access to more disability benefits under the 2024 VA disability compensation rates.


  • The VA has provided veterans with an updated version of the disability compensation rates for 2024.
  • Veterans can figure out their compensation rate using their VA disability rating, and other information such as the number of dependents they have.
  • Veterans disability appeals attorneys can offer valuable legal counsel to vets who were denied by the VA or want to increase their disability rating.

Understanding the 2024 VA Disability Compensation Rates and How They Affect You

The VA disability compensation rates are set to increase in 2024. If you’re a veteran, this will have an impact on your monthly benefits. It’s important to understand the new rates so that you know what to expect, beginning with the payment you will receive at the end of December 2023.

As a reminder, VA pays benefits in arrears (at the end of each month), so your December 2023 payment will be deposited either on or near the last day of that month. If you want to appeal a VA decision that has impacted your disability benefits, our team of veterans disability claims lawyers can provide unparalleled legal support.

At VetLaw, we are invested in securing fair VA disability benefits for veterans who have already been denied by the VA. Our dependable team has delivered great results for veterans across the U.S. for the past ten years.

You can get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation by calling (855) 430-0752 or filling out an online contact form today. We are available to provide answers concerning a denied disability benefits claim. Additionally, our team can offer sound legal advice on how to pursue the compensation you need.

2024 VA Disability Compensation Rates

The VA offers disability benefits to veterans who have a service-connected injury. The amount of the veteran’s disability compensation depends on their individual circumstances.

Additionally, your 2024 VA disability compensation rate depends on the type and severity of disability you have. The VA also increases compensation if the veteran has any dependents.  

According to the VA, here are the updated disability compensation rates:

Veterans with a 10% or 20% disability rating

Rating Monthly Payment
10% $171.23
20% $338.49


Veterans with a 30% to 100% disability rating

With dependents, including children

Monthly Payment


Veteran with 1 child only With 1 child and spouse With 1 child, spouse, and 1 parent With 1 child, spouse, and 2 parents With 1 child and 1 parent With 1 child and 2 parents
30% $565.31 $632.31 $682.31 $732.31 $615.31 $665.31
40% $810.28 $899.28 $965.28 $1,031.28 $876.28 $942.28
50% $1,144.16 $1,255.16 $1,338.16 $1,421.16 $1,227.16 $1,310.16
60% $1,444.88 $1,577.88 $1,677.88 $1,777.88 $1,544.88 $1,644.88
70% $1,813.28 $1,968.28 $2,085.28 $2,202.28 $1,930.28 $2,047.28
80% $2,106.01 $2,283.01 $2,416.01 $2,549.01 $2,239.01 $2,372.01
90% $2,366.91 $2,565.91 $2,715.91 $2,865.91 $2,516.91 $2,666.91
100% $3,877.22 $4,098.87 $4,266.13 $4,433.39 $4,044.48 $4,211.74


Added Amounts


Each additional child under age 18 Each additional child over age 18 in a qualifying school program Spouse receiving Aid and Attendance
30% $31.00 $100.00 $57.00
40% $41.00 $133.00 $76.00
50% $51.00 $167.00 $95.00
60% $62.00 $200.00 $114.00
70% $72.00 $234.00 $134.00
80% $82.00 $267.00 $153.00
90% $93.00 $301.00 $172.00
100% $103.55 $334.49 $191.14


With a dependent spouse or parent, but no children

Monthly Payment


Veteran alone With spouse With spouse and 1 parent With spouse and 2 parents With 1 parent With 2 parents
30% $524.31 $586.31 $636.31
$686.31 $574.31 $624.31
40% $755.28 $838.28
$904.28 $970.28 $821.28 $887.28
50% $1,075.16 $1,179.16 $1,262.16 $1,345.16 $1,158.16 $1,241.16
60% $1,361.88 $1,486.88 $1,586.88 $1,686.88 $1,461.88 $1,561.88
70% $1,716.28 $1,861.28 $1,978.28 $2,095.28 $1,833.28 $1,950.28
80% $1,995.01 $2,161.01 $2,294.01 $2,427.01 $2,128.01 $2,261.01
90% $2,241.91 $2,428.91 $2,578.91
$2,728.91 $2,391.91 $2,541.91
100% $3,737.85 $3,946.25 $4,113.51 $4,280.77 $3,905.11 $4,072.37


Added Amounts


Spouse receiving Aid and Attendance
30% $57.00
40% $76.00
50% $95.00
60% $114.00
70% $134.00
80% $153.00
90% $172.00
100% $191.14


Denied VA Disability Compensation? Reach Out to VetLaw About Your VA Disability Claim

The 2024 VA disability compensation rate increases are going to be a huge help to many veterans and their families. If you need help getting your benefits after a denied claim, however, a VA disability claims lawyer can help. 

There are many benefits to hiring a veterans disability claims denial attorney. For example, our team can offer peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be taken care of. With VetLaw representing you, you don’t have to worry about understanding how the process works on your own.

As your veterans disability appeals lawyers, our team here at VetLaw will remain committed to your case until we have secured fair benefits for you based on the 2024 VA disability compensation rates. We are also well-informed about disability benefits and will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible with your claim.

What questions do you have? Contact us today for a free case review. You can also give us a call at (855) 430-0752 to set up a free consultation. One of our highly capable VA-accredited attorneys will be happy to discuss your veteran’s disability benefits claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the VA make cost of living adjustments for VA disability compensation rates? 

Yes, the VA accounts for cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) when setting the rates for disability compensation each year. Whatever percentage of cost-of-living-adjustment the government makes to Social Security benefits, the VA is legally obligated to match it for veteran’s disability benefits.

Does military rank matter for VA disability compensation rates?

VA disability compensation rates are not dependent upon or influenced by a veteran’s rank. The purpose of veterans disability benefits is to offset the financial and physical or mental costs of a service-connected condition. Therefore, the VA focuses on verifying the severity of your condition to determine the appropriate compensation rate. 

Additionally, marital status and having children can play a role. By factoring in whether a veteran has dependents into the VA disability compensation rates, the VA is acknowledging that your service-related disability may be impacting other people as well.

What can I do if I am unhappy with my VA disability compensation rate?

Veterans can appeal VA decisions that they disagree with. If you believe that you are not receiving the correct amount of VA disability benefits because the VA issued a low disability rating, denied your service connection, or otherwise prevented you from qualifying for additional benefits, it’s time to hire a veterans disability claims attorney.

We can help you determine the obstacle to securing disability benefits that reflect the severity of your service-related condition. For example, you may need to submit additional evidence to show that your disability qualifies you for Individual Unemployability

Alternatively, you may need to add a Secondary Condition or appeal your current rating for a pre-existing condition. As your veterans disability appeals lawyers, we can provide the guidance you need. We will help you obtain the benefits your illness or injury has made you eligible for according to the 2024 VA disability compensation rates.