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Benefit of a Veterans’ Disability Lawyer

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

If you are in need of veterans’ disability benefits, you may have already applied on your own and been denied. Or the process of making a claim may seem daunting. You may realize that an experienced veterans’ disability lawyer can bring order to the process. We welcome your call or email to schedule a free initial consultation. Allow us to hear your story and share with you how we can help you through all phases of a veterans’ disability claims process.

From the time of your intake meeting, we trust that you will feel and appreciate the personalized approach that is the hallmark of our law practice. We treat our clients like human beings, not case numbers. As we evaluate your case, we will alert you if you have other potential claims to make, such as personal injury claims or workers’ compensation claims for benefits. Our law firm is also prepared to handle those claims and coordinate with your veterans’ disability claim without undue duplication of efforts.

We believe in the value of the old-fashioned attorney-client relationship. We will take the time to explore and determine the best way to go forward with your case. If additional experts are needed to strengthen your claim for medical and other benefits, we will advise and facilitate in that direction.

As your case progresses, you are always welcome to contact the law firm for any status updates or to ask questions. We pride ourselves on the priority that we place on regular contact between the attorney and the client – with efficiency and service also provided by our paralegals and office staff.

Learn more about the benefits of a veterans’ disability lawyer, how we can move your claim along after it has been denied and prepare a compelling appeal, how our fees are determined, and how we can help you obtain maximum available benefits.

We Are Here for You Through the Veterans’ Disability Process

We are prepared to advise disabled veterans on the most likely routes to a successful benefit claim or appeal. Our goal is to help you recover the full financial compensation you deserve. We understand that in many law firms, clients do not meet the lawyer who will accompany them at an appeals hearing until 15 minutes beforehand. Our clients do not have such a disadvantage.

Protecting Your Rights, Protecting You From Hassles

Clients of our firm, appreciate the fact that from the time we take over their cases, we are the ones communicating with the Veterans Affairs. They experience relief from the detailed and sometimes complex interactions that can make veterans disability benefits claim so challenging for the average veteran. In this sense, we protect our clients from unnecessary bureaucratic tedium throughout the VA appeals process.

Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation and preliminary case review to learn about the benefits of a veterans’ disability lawyer.