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Filing a claim for VA disability benefits is a difficult, arduous process. It takes time, energy, and a great deal of dedication to organize all the necessary paperwork and evidence to support your claim. After committing so much to the process, receiving a denial can be deflating, leaving disabled veterans unsure of where to turn for assistance. At VetLaw, we work closely with veterans to successfully appeal denied VA disability claims and secure the benefits they deserve. To learn more about how a Dallas veteran disability appeals lawyer from our team can help, consider contacting us at 336-355-8387 today.

VetLaw: By Veterans, For Veterans

VetLaw was founded in 2014 by Attorney Brendan Garcia, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Understanding the frustration that accompanies the VA process, our firm was established to take the burden off veterans who are trying to secure VA disability benefits. We are passionate about the rights of United States veterans, and we work diligently to ensure that the hard-working men and women who served in our armed forces have access to the benefits they need.

As a nationally recognized Veteran disability law firm, we have assisted veterans across the country to file VA disability claims and navigate the appeals process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. To better serve our clients, we use a “no win, no fee” structure. In other words, we do not receive payment until your case is won. This motivates us to work tirelessly for the success of your claim and provides a foundation of trust and transparency with all of our clients.

What Is the Veteran Affairs Decision Review?

Thousands of VA disability claims are denied each year. If the claimant disagrees with the reason for denial and believes that they are still entitled to benefits, they may appeal the VA’s decision. Veteran Affairs decision review is the system used to receive appeals and reevaluate denied claims. This system has effectively replaced the VA legacy appeals process for all claims made after February 19, 2019. Now, claimants have streamlined choices for seeking review of a VA claim decision.

The Veteran Affairs decision review process allows claimants to participate in the new Supplemental Claim and Higher-Level Review options or to file an appeal with the Board. An experienced Dallas veteran disability appeals lawyer will review your case in detail and provide guidance on which choice is right for your case and how to initiate the appeals process using Veteran Affairs decision review.

What Should I Do If Veteran Affairs Denies My VA Disability Claim?

Under the Veteran Affairs decision review process, you have several options if your VA disability claim is denied. This is beneficial for many claimants, as the appeals process can be better tailored to their unique needs and goals. After Veteran Affairs denies your VA disability claim, it may be helpful to contact a VetLaw attorney to discuss your next steps. The legal strategy that you use to appeal a denied claim will depend on the overall reason for denial. In some cases, submitting additional information may strengthen your case and increase the likelihood of approval. In others, errors were committed during the claims process and must be addressed in an appeal. Your attorney will review your case and help you navigate these next steps following a denial of your VA disability claim.

How Can a Dallas Veteran Disability Attorney Help Me Navigate the Veteran Affairs Appeals Process?

The Veteran Affairs appeals process is extensive and complex, and the expertise offered by a Dallas veteran disability appeals lawyer can be a valuable resource. This is particularly true since each Veteran Affairs decision review process has unique benefits and disadvantages. Your attorney will work with you to understand which appeal option is right for you. They will initiate the appeal for you and ensure that all necessary evidence is gathered and submitted according to VA requirements. Importantly, your attorney will not give up on your case until a favorable outcome is reached. For many veterans who have spent years trying to secure VA disability benefits, this help is crucial.

When Should I Hire A Dallas Veteran Disability Appeals Lawyer to Help Me with My VA Disability Claim Appeal?

If you wish to file a VA disability claim appeal, time is of the essence. There is a one-year appeal period, meaning claimants must act within the allotted time frame. Waiting too long can disqualify you from filing a VA disability claim appeal. This underscores the importance of seeking legal assistance as soon as possible to ensure that your attorney has adequate time to build your case and acquire any additional evidence to support your claim.

Where Is the Closest Veteran Affairs Office to Dallas?

Veteran Affairs offices are located across the United States to provide veterans with support in their local communities. The Dallas County Veterans Services Office is an advocate agency serving Dallas-based veterans in the city. The closest Veteran Affairs office to Dallas is the VA Regional Benefit Satellite at Arlington, Texas, located half an hour away from Dallas city.

After I Have Filed My Initial Veteran Affairs Claim, When Will I Know Whether I Am Approved or Denied?

According to Veteran Affairs, it currently takes approximately 102 days to complete disability-related claims (as of February 2023). The amount of time it takes to process a claim and issue a decision depends largely on three factors:

  • Type of claim filed.
  • Number and complexity of injuries or disabilities claimed.
  • Length of time it takes to collect all necessary evidence to decide the claim.

The process can take longer if errors were made during the application process or if additional evidence is required from the claimant. Your Dallas veteran disability attorney can help you avoid such issues and ensure that the claims process moves as quickly as possible.

What Is TDIU?

Total Disability Individual Unemployability, or TDIU, is a benefit that provides compensation to disabled veterans who are unable to work due to a service-connected condition. TDIU compensates disabled veterans at the VA’s 100% disability rate, even if their combined rating does not equal 100%.

38 CFR § 4.16 provides for two types of TDIU: schedular and extraschedular. There are different requirements associated with each form of TDIU and a person’s eligibility for these benefits depends on the nature of their disability. Your Dallas veteran disability attorney can provide further insight into whether you qualify for TDIU and how to apply for benefits under this option.

Hiring a Dallas Veteran Disability Appeals Lawyer Near You to Help You with Your Denial

If you were denied VA disability benefits, it is important to know that there are options available to you. At VetLaw, we have built our practice around helping disabled veterans secure the benefits they need and deserve. To speak with an experienced Dallas veteran disability appeals lawyer regarding your case, consider contacting us at 336-355-8387 today.

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