Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Brendan Garcia is my attorney for all my VA claims & issues at present and will be always in the future. I Started with a DAV representative, totally useless, then had about 7 different appointments with different so called attorneys that claim that they can handle VA issues. Unbelievably, they were also useless and unfamiliar with VA procedure, it was evident. Not to mention about dozen that I called and never had a reply. Finally, one attorney before Mr. Garcia was a former Veteran, had to fire him, he never communicated, wasn’t prepared and almost lost the appointment date for a RO hearing, fired him in a heart beat. I was stressed, 2 days before the RO hearing, I was searching, researching all over the Internet. Finally, I ended up on Mr. Garcia’s website, reading every thing on his site. Of course, when I read that he is a Marine Veteran as well as I am a Marine Vietnam Era Veteran, that made my day and I immediately called the number on his website. He pulled miracles, immediately he had the VA RO meeting postponed so he can review all the records. When the day came to see the RO, Mr. Garcia drove for about 3 hours to our RO meeting without any compensation from anyone but himself, he didn’t have to do at all. Here is the best thing that I read on his website that will help any Veteran; Following his second year of law school, Brendan was a summer law clerk at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in Washington, D.C. This is where he was first introduced to the major problems veterans face when they try to obtain benefits from VA. Following law school graduation in 2011, Brendan was selected as a Presidential Management Fellow and chose to spend his time as a fellow with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Throughout the fellowship, he spent time working with the Office of General Counsel, Compensation Service (formerly C&P, or Compensation and Pension Service), and the Office of Business Process Integration (including the Veterans Claims Intake Program). Besides the above, some may see the next statement as biased, yes it is biased but true, that he’s a Marine, as a Marine he doesn’t quit, has honesty, integrity and willing to help all us Veterans under any and all circumstances. Impeccable ethics and an unparalleled work ethic make him an outstanding attorney who is capable, meticulous, and diligent. I’m going to outline some points about him.

• He was ALWAYS available and quickly returned my calls, text and emails even on the weekends

• One sincerely rare attorney that really cares about you and your case!

• He is absolutely authentic, genuine, and full of passion to represent his clients.

• He will treat you like family, and handle your case like his own life depended on it.

• He profoundly has his heart in helping people, and not only that; he has the superb and impeccable knowledge, skill, talent, and experience to handle any VA case.

• He works tirelessly at all hours, including weekends, to represent Veteran and take care of them.

• He left no stone unturned trying to find a solution to my case, and guided me every step of the way.

• He is committed to his clients, willing to work hard and truly cares about his client’s well being, not just the case.

• He kept me updated on his case progress and made sure my expectations were in line with the many possible outcomes.

• He works extremely hard to take care of his clients, his stamina is unbelievable, that’s because he is a Marine.

• He went above and beyond the call of duty what I thought a lawyer would ever do

• He will fight for your rights, he knows, he also has VA disability I would highly recommend Mr. Brendan Garcia to anyone looking for a skilled attorney in the VA process of red tape that’s impossible to comprehend with new VA laws and lot of VA discrepancies that you hear in the news, totally impossible without an experienced attorney in that field I feel fortunate to have hired the perfect attorney, you will be too!