J Rego

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Where do I begin? I have been dealing with the VA for almost 14 years since leaving Active Duty in 2008. For YEARS I stayed at my 10% rating simply due to not knowing where or how to get the further compensation I felt I was entitled to. I am an OIF veteran, and I had plenty of issues I struggle with day to day. For most reading this, we know dealing with the VA Disability compensation process can be a part time job filled with plenty of frustration, disappointment, and added stress. Years later I began pursuing my own claims. After many appointments, and claims/appeals, I was almost where I knew I should be. I had an appeal that was denied by the VA, and this was the first time I thought about reaching out to a Veterans Lawyer for help. I did not know how to appeal an appeal, and I thought I exhausted all options at this point. I knew the VA was not handling this claim correctly, and I began looking hard at getting a Lawyer. There are plenty of options online for Veteran Lawyers who claim to specialize in VA claims. I called a handful who after reviewing my records said they could NOT take my case because they felt they could not do anything to help me further. I began thinking I was in limbo. I contacted VetLaw, and after ONE simple phone call, they filled me with hope that I was not in fact out of options. They told me they could take on my case, and get me the compensation I deserve. Teresa was my main point of contact, and she was just outstanding! She was always there via phone call, or email to quickly answer any and all of my questions. VetLaw handled EVERYTHING for my appeal, and was very good in keeping me updated on everything. I was expecting up to two years for my appeal to go thru the claims process. VetLaw did exactly what they said, and got me my compensation within a few MONTHS! I am now 100% P&T and I simply could NOT have done it without them! I HIGHLY recommend them to ANY veteran who is in a similar situation.