Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Being a veteran and choosing to take on the big government beauocracy alone can be a perilous endever. Years ago the rules changed after decades that veterans could not be represented by professional legal counsel. It’s like the system was stacked against us veterans who needed to be saavey enough to win claims against the madness that is the Veterans Benefit Administration (VHA). I know, because I was up to my neck in getting my claims honored. One day after being denied yet once again, I just said enough going it alone or working with Veterans Servoce Organization (VSO) who seem to have left me with the impression that my case was too complex to properly handle so that’s when I reached out to a true legal professional, my attorney Brendan Garcia. In a reasonable amount of time we have been successful before the Veterans Board of Appeal and at my local Veterans Administration Regional Office (VARO) on matters as complex physical body claims which deal with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and (PTSD) non-combat. Brendan is such a fighter that he will not give up because others said it can not be done. Do yourself a huge favor. Call Brendan, talk with him, let him lead the way to a successful outcome to your challenges with the VA, I know this because he helped me resolve a decade old battle in which I ultimately won.