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Every year, hundreds of veterans in the Fayetteville area are unfairly denied VA disability benefits. For disabled veterans who are unable to work in their former capacity, these benefits are much needed. Fortunately, it is possible to appeal a denied VA disability claim. Navigating this process can be complicated, however, leading many people to seek assistance from an experienced Fayetteville veteran disability appeals lawyer. At VetLaw, we handle all aspects of the appeals process for our clients, working tirelessly to ensure that they are able to obtain the benefits they need and deserve. To learn more about how we can help, consider contacting us at 336-355-8387 today.

What We Do

Established in 2014 by Attorney Brendan Garcia, VetLaw was founded by veterans, for veterans. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, our lead attorney has experienced the frustration of the VA process firsthand. This experience motivated our founder and lead attorney to create a legal practice dedicated to representing veterans and their families struggling to obtain VA benefits. Now, as a premier Veteran disability law firm serving individuals across the country, we know what it takes to secure favorable outcomes for our clients. In fact, we are so confident in our ability that we do not receive payment until we win your case. Our “no win, no fee” structure ensures that you do not pay upfront costs for our services.

What Is the Veteran Affairs Decision Review?

Veteran Affairs decision review has replaced the VA legacy appeals process, providing claimants with different options for appealing a denied VA disability benefits claim. This process is available for VA decisions dated on or after February 19, 2019, and must be initiated within a year of the decision. The Veteran Affairs decision review process offers a valuable opportunity to disabled veterans who disagree with a VA decision regarding their claim. Your Fayetteville veteran disability appeals lawyer will review your case and work with you to decide which appeal option is right for you.

What Should I Do If Veteran Affairs Denies My VA Disability Claim?

While receiving a denial can leave you feeling hopeless and unsure of how to proceed, it certainly does not mean that the process is over. If Veteran Affairs denies your VA disability claim, you may file an appeal and petition for the reevaluation of your case. If you wish to proceed with an appeal, speaking with an attorney may be an ideal first step. They will review your notification letter and rating decision to understand why your claim was denied. Your attorney will then provide guidance regarding the next steps of the process, which may include completing and filing paperwork to initiate the appeal and/or submitting additional evidence to the VA.

How Can a Fayetteville Veteran Disability Attorney Help Me Navigate the Veteran Affairs Appeals Process?

Seeking assistance from an experienced Fayetteville veteran disability attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. While it is possible to navigate the initial claims process without the help of an attorney, successfully appealing a denied claim is a much more involved and complex process. Your attorney will be able to:

  • Complete and submit any necessary documentation to initiate the appeals process
  • Identify and gather additional evidence that may support your claim
  • Mitigate potential errors that may arise and delay the appeals process
  • Represent your appellate case before the United States Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims

When Should I Hire an Attorney to Help Me with My VA Disability Claim Appeal?

After receiving your VA decision, an appeal must be filed within the specified window of time. You have one year from the date of the VA decision to file an appeal. Submitting your request on time is important to ensuring that you are able to appeal a denied claim and successfully secure VA disability benefits. For this reason, hiring an attorney as soon as possible may be beneficial. Acting quickly can ensure that you have sufficient time to craft a strong appeal or gather new evidence to support your claim.

Where Is the Closest Veteran Affairs Office to Fayetteville?

Veteran Affairs Offices are situated around the country to provide services and support to veterans. Veteran Readiness and Employment at Fayetteville Technical Community College is the closest office to Fayetteville offering assistance with benefits application. The Fayetteville VA Medical Center located on 2300 Ramsey Street is available for healthcare services.

What Are the Criteria to Qualify for the Veterans Disability Compensation Program?

The Veterans Disability Compensation Program was created to support veterans who fell ill or became injured as a result of their military service. These tax-free monthly payments are provided only to eligible veterans. To qualify for the Veterans Disability Compensation Program, a veteran must prove that they:

  • Currently have a condition that impacts their mind or body
  • Served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training

In addition, there must also be evidence that the illness or injury is directly connected to the veteran’s service in the military. This connection can be either in-service, pre-service, or post-service, depending on when the condition began. An experienced Fayetteville veteran disability attorney can provide further insight on whether you are eligible for payment under the Veterans Disability Compensation Program.

What Are the Types of Review Options for Appealing a VA Disability Denial?

Under the Veteran Affairs decision review system, there are three appeals options available to claimants, namely:

  • Supplemental Claim: if you have new or additional evidence that was not already reviewed by Veteran Affairs, filing a supplemental claim may be ideal. Here, a reviewer will decide whether the new evidence changes the decision. Relevant evidence could include medical records from a VA medical center, another federal health facility, or your private health care provider.
  • Higher-Level Review: if you believe there was an error in your case and you do not have new evidence to submit, higher-level review may be the appropriate appeal option. During this review, an officer will consider the same evidence you submitted with your initial claim and re-evaluate the VA decision.
  • Board Appeal: it is possible to request a Veterans Law Judge at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals to review your case. A direct review may be requested if you do not have additional evidence to submit or wish to have a hearing. Otherwise, new evidence may be submitted, or a hearing may be utilized to review the case.

Hiring a Fayetteville Veteran Disability Appeals Lawyer Near You to Help You with Your Denial

If your VA disability claim has been denied, we are here to help. At VetLaw, we are passionate about fighting for the rights of disabled veterans at every step of the appeals process. For a free case review, consider contacting our team of Fayetteville veteran disability appeals lawyers at 336-355-8387 today.

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