Charlotte Veteran Mental Condition Claims

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Charlotte Veterans: Seeking Support for Mental Condition Claims

Some veterans assume that they must suffer from a physical condition in order to collect VA disability compensation, but those with service-connected mental health conditions may also pursue benefits. However, it is necessary to prove that you suffer from a mental health condition, that it has a significant effect on your quality of life, and that your time spent on active duty caused or aggravated your condition. A failure to prove any of these elements may lead to a denial of benefits from the VA.

Mental health claims in Charlotte could allow former servicemembers suffering from non-physical maladies to obtain VA disability compensation benefits. A VA-accredited attorney can help you make a connection between your current mental health and your time in active duty service in the pursuit of appropriate benefits. Call today to learn more about disability claims.

Qualifying Mental Conditions for Veterans: Understanding the Claims Process

Active-duty service in any branch of the military can be mentally taxing and expose people to a variety of stressful situations that may cause permanent mental health damage. For example, witnessing a traumatic event may leave a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Claims based on this condition require former servicemembers to submit additional paperwork that outlines a specific instance that led to their condition. Other examples of mental health conditions that may qualify for disability benefits include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mania
  • Bipolar disorders

Mental health claims in Charlotte can also argue that a veteran’s time on active duty made a pre-existing condition worse. This can be established by gathering and presenting medical records from before your active-duty service that lists the pre-existing condition.

Depending on whether your pre-existing condition was diagnosed prior to your military service, and whether it was noted on your entrance exam, you may need to provide proof of when it was first diagnosed and how it was aggravated during your time on active duty. Each situation surrounding a pre-existing condition is different, so contact VetLaw’s team of experienced attorneys to help you strengthen your mental health claim in Charlotte. 

Pursuing a Claim for Benefits

All veterans must be able to prove three prerequisites in order to obtain VA disability compensation benefits. First and foremost, you must have documented proof that you suffer from a disabling condition.

While many mental health conditions can be more difficult to diagnose and treat than physical injuries, the VA requires that a qualified doctor, such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist, makes and records this diagnosis. A VA doctor’s opinion about how a condition affects a former servicemember’s day-to-day activities can form the basis for a successful mental health claim in Charlotte.

Second, you must establish a connection between your time spent on active duty and your disabling condition. For instance, claims based on PTSD require applicants to submit an additional form outlining specific stressors that occurred on active duty that led to their PTSD.

Lastly, you must have received a discharge from the military under honorable conditions. A VA-accredited lawyer can help you gather evidence of all the ways in which active duty service contributed to your worsening mental health. Our attorneys have extensive experience with Charlotte veteran mental condition claims, and we can provide the knowledge and guidance needed to succeed.

Consult an Attorney About Veteran Mental Health Claims in Charlotte

Mental health problems are a growing concern for Charlotte’s veterans. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD as a result of their active duty service may want to enlist the help of VetLaw’s team of dedicated attorneys.

The VA recognizes that these medical concerns have a profound impact on the lives of former servicemembers and offers disability benefits to compensate for service-related mental health conditions. Whether you are preparing to file a mental health claim in Charlotte or you have already been denied benefits, our team of experienced VA-accredited attorneys specializes in Charlotte veteran mental condition claims and can help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Call today to discuss your case.