Charlotte Veteran Chemical and Toxic Exposure Disability Claims

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Understanding Your Rights: Charlotte Veteran Chemical and Toxic Exposure Claims

Chemicals and other toxic substances on military bases could put servicemembers at risk for developing debilitating or even life-threatening illnesses. Exposure to these substances can have a significant impact on a veteran’s civilian life. You can file a claim for disability compensation through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) alleging that exposure to toxic substances during active duty military service caused your condition.

However, proving Charlotte’s veteran chemical and toxic exposure claims is difficult, and most applications are met with a denial. A lawyer from our firm can evaluate your claim for benefits and work to file an appeal and present new evidence to convince VA that your exposure to toxic chemical has resulted in your disability.

Overview of VA’s Disability Compensation Program

The VA disability compensation program provides benefits to veterans who are now experiencing a disabling condition because of an event that occurred during their time on active duty. To receive compensation, claimants must prove two things.

It is essential to prove that you now suffer from a disabling condition which negatively impacts your quality of life. Charlotte veteran chemical and toxic exposure claims can involve physical injuries, mental conditions, or a combination of the two. You can establish the scope and severity of your impairment by including relevant medical records and doctors’ notes with your application.

Second, you must prove that your condition was the result of an incident or exposure which occurred during your active duty military service. Working with a member of our qualified legal team can make compiling military service records and identifying a specific origin of your impairment much easier.

Toxic Chemical Exposure and Pursuing a VA Benefits Claim

Exposure to toxic substances on military bases can often be linked to the use of open burn pits. Bases throughout the Middle East have used burn pits over the past two decades to dispose of waste. However, doing so releases toxic substances into the air that a servicemember may inhale.

There were also instances of contaminated groundwater found at Camp Lejeune and other military bases, which can lead to disabling conditions in veterans. Even military members who work in logistics or administrative settings may face exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals or other toxins.

If your application for benefits was recently denied by VA, we can help you challenge the agency’s decision about whether to award you disability compensation. There are several appellate paths, so it is best to work with an attorney before filing an appeal to ensure that all procedural requirements are satisfied.

Get an Attorney’s Advice on Charlotte Veteran Chemical and Toxic Exposure Claims

Many veterans now experience debilitating medical symptoms related to exposure to toxic chemicals or substances on military bases. Some cases automatically qualify, such as those involving Gulf War Syndrome or Agent Orange exposure. However, other applicants filing Charlotte veteran chemical and toxic exposure claims must provide more detailed service records and medical documentation. One of VetLaw’s steadfast attorneys can help you take the necessary steps to obtain the disability benefits that you need. Contact a member of our team today to schedule a consultation.