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Understanding Your Eligibility For Veteran’s Benefits

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Those who have proudly served in the United States armed forces may be eligible for certain Veteran’s benefits, including disability compensation if they have been injured or become ill while serving active military service. This could include issues that arise post-service including conditions that are believed to be circumstances of the military service.

In order to qualify for these, you must prove that your injury, illness or disease was caused or aggravated during your time in active service. This could include not only physical injuries or illness, but also physical conditions such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or mental conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder. Family members of spouses who are deceased and who were killed while on active duty, in training or inactive duty in training may also be eligible for dependency and indemnity compensation, or DIC.

There are several types of claims that could be processed including pre-discharge claims, pre-service disabilities, in-service disabilities, post-service disabilities as well as special circumstances such as a special surgery for a service-related injury or illness. In order to prove your condition, you must provide evidence including discharge papers if applicable, service treatment records, and medical evidence such as hospital reports or documentation from your doctor.

If you are a disabled veteran in need of help regarding your disability, you may want to speak with a Veterans’ Disability compensation attorney to help you along the way. With their knowledge and experience, they may be able to help you obtain Veteran’s benefits.