Suspicious Deaths in Veteran Hospital

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

Several suspicious deaths were reported on the third floor of the Louis A. Johnson Medical Center in Charleston, West Virginia. The cases were very similar and all involved high doses of insulin injected into the victims. The FBI and the Office of Inspector General for the Veterans Administration are thoroughly investigating the deaths of the victims.

Charleston lawyer Tony O’Dell is taking on the case for the family of Felix McDermott, a Vietnam veteran who was given a fatal dose of insulin. McDermott’s injection of insulin was not scheduled for his treatment, as he was in the hospital for choking on food. This was understandably shocking to his family. O’Dell has also spoken with other families who are facing similar struggles, and they are taking his legal counsel into consideration.

After an autopsy, it was found that George Shaw, an Air Force veteran who was in the hospital for symptoms of dehydration, had four insulin injections. Similar cases on the same floor show excessive insulin injections for patients who did not need them.

There was another incident where a nurse tried to give a man a shot of insulin before his family quickly said “No, that will kill him.” The man explained that he takes diabetes medicine orally, and an insulin shot would be extremely dangerous to his health. However, the family received a call the next day saying that his health drastically plummeted and he subsequently died. The family was left wondering if the nurse gave the insulin shot despite their plea not to.

Senator Joe Manchin said he is frustrated by a lack of answers to this case. However, there is a person of interest, and he believes it should not take long for a conclusion to come to the families involved.