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New Bill to Make Emergency Mental Health Care Free to All Veterans

Legally reviewed by Brendan Garcia , Owner and Lead Attorney

In January, members of the House of Representatives introduced a bill that would give veterans access to free emergency mental health services. The bill is titled Veterans’ Acute Crisis Care for Emergent Suicide Symptoms Act (ACCESS Act) and would increase access to resources for former servicemembers and others who are typically not eligible for veterans’ benefits. Eligible veterans may include those who have an enrollment status, those who have been discharged, or those that qualify under a service-related condition.

The emergency mental health care is intended for qualified veterans who arrive at the emergency room or who call the Veterans Crisis Line (VCL) with a suicidal crisis or other emergency situation. What would be covered under the bill as an emergency situation may change depending on the discretion of the VA Secretary.

Resources Available Under the ACCESS Act

Under the ACCESS Act, those who qualify for benefits would be able to call the VCL and talk to a medical professional who can clear an individual for treatment. After being cleared by the VCL, a qualified veteran may be eligible for a maximum of 30 days of inpatient care or 90 days of outpatient care.

However, the amount of time a former servicemember qualifies for may vary depending on what the Secretary of Veterans Affairs allows. Eligible veterans may also go directly to the emergency room and receive treatment from an ER medical professional.

Who Qualifies under ACCESS?

Under the proposed bill, a former servicemember may qualify for ACCESS treatment if they have served on active duty for a minimum of 90 days. This may include those who have participated in basic training or additional military schooling. Additionally, members of the Coast Guard and those who are in a reserve unit may qualify for care under the ACCESS Act.

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