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How Can I Check the Status of a VA Claim?

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Follow these simple steps to check the status of your VA disability claim so you can decide how to proceed.


  • Veterans can check the status of their VA disability claims by logging into using their credentials.
  • The login process requires two-factor authentication, where veterans receive a code via text or phone call to complete their login.
  • The Claim Status Tool, located in the Disability section of the homepage, allows veterans to view the status and important information about their claims or appeals.
  • When a claim status is “Complete,” the VA has sent a decision letter. Veterans can then decide whether to accept or appeal the decision.
  • If appealing, veterans can choose among options like Supplemental Claim, Higher Level Review, or Board of Veterans’ Appeals.
  • Veterans can benefit from hiring a VA-accredited veterans disability benefits denial lawyer for legal guidance.

Service-related conditions can take a toll on a veteran’s physical and mental health, so most vets are understandably eager to hear back from the VA about their claims for disability benefits. As veterans disability claims lawyers, we often get the question, “How can I check the status of a VA claim?” 

Below, we take you step by step through how you can access the details of your pending claims or appeals. That way you can see for yourself if the VA has made a decision about your disability benefits. Once you know where you stand with the VA, you may want to appeal the decision to obtain fair compensation.

Our dedicated team of veterans disability claims appeal attorneys at VetLaw is ready to guide you through this process. We have earned the respect of veterans from coast to coast based on the ability and integrity we display during the VA appeals process. Schedule a free consultation with our team by calling (855) 964-1925 or by filling out an online contact form.

Checking the Progress of Your VA Disability Claim

It’s a good idea to stay updated on where your veterans disability claim is in the process. That way, you can take action, like responding to an evidence request or filing an appeal, if necessary. Unlike the VA appeals process itself, checking the status of your VA claim is fairly straightforward. 

Log In to the VA’s Website

Start the process of checking on the status of your veterans disability claim by logging in to You have a few options when it comes to which log-in information you use. Vets can use credentials from any of the following sources to access their accounts on

  • DS Logon
  • My HealtheVet

Verify Your Identity to Access Information About Your Claim

For security purposes, you will be asked to confirm your identity with two-factor authentication to complete the login process. That simply means that you will need to enter a code provided by the VA after entering your login credentials. will prompt you to pick whether you want to receive the 6-digit code through a text message or a phone call. Then, will send the code to the phone number associated with the login information you have provided. Enter the code and hit “Continue” to proceed with your login attempt.

Locate the Claim Status Tool on the VA’s Homepage

Once you are logged into, go to the main page. The Claim Status Tool can be found under the Disability tab. This allows you to check the status of a VA claim or a pending appeal. You may have multiple pending decisions or appeals, and the tool will provide you with a brief overview of the key details about each claim.

You can also access a more comprehensive view of each of your VA disability claims. This is where you can see if the VA has received your claim and if a VA adjudicator has completed the initial review of your case. 

If those stages have green check marks by them, veterans can check if the VA is still gathering evidence, actively reviewing the case, preparing to issue a decision, or if the process is complete. You should also periodically check the “Files” tab to see if the VA has requested additional documentation of your service-related disability or Secondary Condition.

Next Steps After Receiving a VA Decision

When you see the status of your claim or appeal change to “Complete”, you can expect a VA decision letter within the next ten business days. If you are satisfied with the outcome of the VA’s review of your claim for disability benefits, then you don’t need to take any further action. The VA will start sending your monthly disability benefits if your claim is approved.

However, if you are having trouble understanding why the VA denied your claim or you want to dispute the decision, your best option is to involve a VA-accredited veterans disability benefits denial lawyer. They can help you identify any issues that limited or prevented you from securing VA disability benefits. 

Then, your veterans disability claims appeal attorney will offer their expert opinion on which appeals path is most suitable for your claim. With their assistance, you can initiate this process by choosing one of the following options:

You can also check the status of a VA claim for an appeal using the Claim Status Tool.

Choose VetLaw to Represent Your Veterans Disability Appeal

If you are finding the VA disability claims process stressful, you are not alone. While a significant part of the process involves waiting on the VA, many veterans find it reassuring to be able to check the status of their VA claim. At VetLaw, we appreciate the value of feeling informed, which is why we make it a priority to be communicative with our clients.

Our veterans disability benefits denial attorneys are diligent, experienced, and ready to go to work for you. You can get in touch with our VA-accredited team to schedule a free consultation by calling (855) 964-1925 or by filling out an online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I receive my benefits after the VA approves my disability claim?

Typically, eligible veterans receive their disability benefits payment from the VA within 15 days. The VA uses both direct deposit and checks to issue payments. Payments occur on a monthly basis.

How long should it take to get a decision from the VA about my claim?

Your wait time will vary based on whether you are pursuing an initial claim for VA disability benefits or an appeal. Generally, appeals take considerably longer. The quality and quantity of information you provide and the number of disabilities you are claiming can influence how long it takes the VA to render a decision.

Additionally, the VA’s current caseload plays a role in decision times. Based on data from April 2024, veterans can expect to wait 155.5 days for an initial decision. This is not a guarantee that the VA will grant, deny, or reject your claim for disability benefits within that time frame.

Can I submit additional evidence using the Claim Status Tool?

You can provide evidence that supports your case for VA disability benefits with the Claim Status Tool, but only in certain situations. If this is your initial veterans disability claim, you can add new evidence, such as a buddy letter, with the Claim Status Tool. Make sure that your evidence is in one of the VA’s accepted file formats.

However, if you are pursuing a decision review or VA appeal, you cannot use the Claim Status Tool to submit evidence. There are a few reasons for this. First, the VA does not accept new evidence for all types of appeals. Additionally, there is a deadline to submit new or relevant evidence during the appeal process.