The VA’s disability compensation program can provide assistance to veterans who are now experiencing a disability connected to their time on active duty. To obtain benefits, you must complete a thorough application that details your time on active duty, proves your time in service was honorable, and demonstrates the extent of your disability.

A VA-accredited lawyer can help you understand the qualifying factors for benefits, gather evidence to prove the extent of your service-connected injuries, and prepare you to submit an application that provides the best chance of success. There are many factors that the VA considers when awarding disability benefits, so call VetLaw’s team of dedicated attorneys for more information about VA disability claims in Winston-Salem.

How Does a Winston-Salem Veteran Qualify for Disability Benefits?

The VA imposes many requirements for former servicemembers seeking disability benefits, the first of which involves proving that your disabling condition is a service-related injury. As long as your injury is attributable to your time on active duty, it may qualify you for benefits. This means that an injury sustained in combat, in training, in a logistics position, or even in an administrative setting can justify benefits.

However, an injury’s connection to active duty may not be obvious. For example, a veteran who claims a mental condition like PTSD resulted from witnessing a traumatizing event may need to gather more information about the date and time of that event. A skilled attorney may be able to help you trace your condition’s origin to an event that happened during your time on active duty.

Discharge from Service

Another major component of successful VA disability claims in Winston-Salem involves your character of discharge. Generally, only veterans who left the military on good terms can receive benefits. You can present your DD-214 paperwork with a discharge other than Dishonorable to qualify for most benefits. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule, so you should contact VetLaw’s team of attorneys to discuss the specific circumstances surrounding your service.

How Can a Winston-Salem Veteran Demonstrate a Mental or Physical Disability on a Claim?

The final aspect of a VA disability claim in Winston-Salem is demonstrating the extent of your disability. While some veterans only receive treatment from a VA doctor, this is not necessarily the best course of action. Although the VA may provide treatment for a condition while simultaneously allowing them to directly collect and record information about your service-connected injuries, if inaccurate information is recorded it can dramatically affect your appeal.

Filing a VA Disability Claim in Winston-Salem

The simplest way for a former servicemember to file a claim is to register through the VA’s online portal and subsequently submit an application from their computer. This application will request detailed information about your current living situation, your time in the military, and your medical condition or conditions.

You can also complete a paper application and mail it to the VA, which entails providing the same information as the online application but does not allow chances for revisions. Still, if you feel more comfortable with a paper application, it is available and just as legitimate as the electronic version. VetLaw’s team of knowledgeable lawyers can answer any questions you may have about how you can complete an application that provides the best chance for an initial approval.

Call an Attorney to Learn More About VA Disability Claims in Winston-Salem

The VA offers benefits to veterans who now suffer from a disability connected to their time of active duty. You must prove that your condition originated from an incident that occurred while you were on active duty, that your condition has a disabling effect on your life, and that you were honorably discharged from your branch of service.

VetLaw’s team of seasoned attorneys can help prepare you to pursue a VA disability claim in Winston-Salem. Call today to learn more about the VA’s benefits requirements.

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