Veterans in Winton-Salem who have suffered a disability may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Former servicemembers who suffered a disability while on active duty and who meet specific eligibility requirements may also qualify for SSDI in addition to any disability benefits they are receiving from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

If you are looking to begin the SSDI application process in Winston-Salem, the procedure for obtaining benefits will depend on your VA disability rating. If you served in the military and need help pursuing disability benefits, do not hesitate to contact an SSDI attorney from our firm for legal assistance. Our team can explain your options and guide you through the SSDI application process from start to finish.

Applying for SSDI Benefits in Winston-Salem

There are several criteria former servicemembers must meet to apply for SSDI benefits in Winston-Salem. For example, a veteran’s work or military service background and medical records will be used to establish whether their disability qualifies them to receive benefits.

First and foremost, a veteran applying for SSDI must have a medically identifiable disability that has existed or is expected to last for a minimum of 12 months or result in death. Furthermore, this disability must prevent the applicant from engaging in any substantially gainful employment for a period of one year.

In situations where a veteran had a qualifying disability but has made progress in recovering from their impairment, they may apply for closed period SSDI benefits no later than one year and two months following the termination of their disability. A Winston-Salem attorney who frequently assists former servicemember with applying for SSDI benefits could explain the type of disability payments an applicant may be eligible to receive.

The Application Process

SSDI is funded by income taxes paid throughout a veteran’s working life. The exact amount of benefits a former servicemember may receive will depend on their level of income before becoming disabled, but will not be impacted if they are currently receiving disability compensation from VA.

An applicant for SSDI in Winston-Salem must verify their disability through medical records, employment records from the 15 years prior to becoming disabled, and other supporting evidence. Once this information is collected, the veteran will submit their request to their local SSA office, followed by an in-person or over-the-phone interview. Next, the application will be sent to the state’s Disability Determination Services office for a final review of the evidence and a determination of approval or denial.

What to Expect after a Successful Application for SSDI

The time from when someone applies for SSDI benefits in Winston-Salem to the when they receive their first payment depends on several factors. The SSA’s Wounded Warrior’s initiative provides an accelerated application time for former servicemembers who became disabled on or after October 1, 2001.

If the disabled veteran is receiving payments from VA and has a 100 percent disability rating, the processing time for their application will also be accelerated. If the veteran does not have a 100 percent VA disability rating, they may have to follow the typical timeline for applying for benefits, which can take several months or longer.

Ask a Winston-Salem Attorney about the SSDI Application Process

If you need help navigating the SSDI application process in Winston-Salem, legal assistance is just a phone call away. An experienced attorney can advise you on collecting the necessary evidence to support your application for benefits and walk you through the entire claims process. Contact a local lawyer today for more information about applying for SSDI.

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