VetLaw is a law firm helping injured and disabled people pursue and obtain benefits and compensation from all available sources. It is common for clients of our law firm to have more than one potential source of financial relief as a result of a disability. Our firm provides answers regarding Social Security benefits for veterans.

Talk to our veterans eligibility lawyer if you were injured while in the military. Collecting benefits may involve claims and appeals with multiple sources.

An injury or onset of an illness that occurred during the course of military service may continue to impair employability for some time after discharge. A disability that lasts a year or more or is expected to last a year or more may qualify an ex-service member for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in addition to veterans disability benefits.

Has Your Claim Been Delayed Or Denied?

It is not uncommon for potential clients to visit our law offices after experiencing frustration when seeking benefits following the onset of an illness. Organizations that delay action or pass the buck make it very difficult for those trying to collect the benefits they are entitled to.

The Department of Veterans Affairs may seek to avoid paying benefits by saying that an accident occurring after military service is not service-related when, in fact, a recent injury simply exacerbated a military injury.

We can offer relief in many cases for injured veterans who are being stonewalled by “the system” at any level. Bringing real relief in the form of successful claims and appeals to injured veterans is one of the things we do best at VetLaw

Collecting Benefits And Compensation You Need And Deserve

We are prepared to advise you on the most likely routes to a successful benefit claim or appeal. Our goal is to help you recover all of the benefits you deserve.

Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation and preliminary case review with our experienced disability law attorney. Learn how we can facilitate collecting benefits when you have more than one type of claim. We maintain offices throughout in Winston Salem and Charlotte for the convenience of our clients.

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