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VetLaw is excited to announce the winner of The Freedom Scholarship. Our firm has awarded $1,000 to Kalab Alemu from Arlington, Texas for him to further his education in the medical field. We were impressed not only by Kalab’s academic achievements, but also his dedication to help others through studying and eventually practicing orthopedic spine surgery. As a law firm that dedicates ourselves to helping disabled veterans, we hold a special place in our hearts for medical professionals who aim to use their gifts to help those in need.

As a young child, Kalab was uprooted from his home country of Ethiopia with his family, who came to America seeking a better life for them and their son. Kalab’s scholarship submission discussed how his parents left a promising life in Ethiopia to try and give their son the freedom to be something more. While Kalab is grateful for this opportunity to grow up in America, he discussed how he never felt like he quite fit in. This pushed him to prove himself in any way that he could. Kalab also discussed how he took initiative and cold-called five local doctors in the search of a mentor to help further his education past what his school could offer him.

“As one of the most rewarding subspecialties, the path to a ROI with orthopedic spine surgery is rather lengthy. At $250,000, medical school will incur substantial, inevitable debt. With scientific research initiatives and local medical summer research opportunities, working a job will only thwart my thirst for scientific breakthrough in biophysics (given there is only 24 hours in a day). Minimizing college debt is vital to the success of my dual-education(business and physics), research, future orthopedic(spine) practice, and advocacy of a better healthcare.

Life left narrow margins for my parents to pursue an education. Surely, they fantasized a better life for me. A life I achieved at the age of eleven, surpassing the education of them both. Such a feat remains merely insatiable relative to my aspirations of a first generation college admit, medical school attendee, and surgical resident. When I found out I had won The Freedom Scholarship, it made accomplishing that dream and my next four years at Pepperdine all the more feasible!”

Kalab’s ability to take initiative and his willingness to overcome any adversity he has been faced with made him the clear choice to receive The Freedom Scholarship. While we had many applicants who were strong contenders, Kalab demonstrated not only what freedom meant to him, but how he could use the gift of freedom that his parents gave him to better his life and the lives of others.

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VetLaw started The Freedom Scholarship to help students think about what being free means to them, and how their freedom has impacted their life. As the managing attorney at VetLaw and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Brendan Garcia cares deeply about fighting for people’s freedom. With so many brave men and women fighting every day to keep our country free, we want to make sure that we are acting as an example of how to best make use of that gift of freedom. To learn more about this scholarship, visit The Freedom Scholarship page.