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I would like to take a few moments to tell you something extremely important. To all DISABLED VETERANS: I realized after years of quiet requests on my own and even with help from V.S.O. Officers, I was going nowhere with the VA. I am a service connected vet from Lebanon ’82/’83. My situation was a no brainier. I had continued to work 34 years in great pain, as not to burden tax payers. I had asked politely for modest pension increases multiple times, to no avail. I saw an add online for Veterans Law Firm. This is when I called Brendan Garcia. He took my call personally, looked up my record from his office and in less than 14 months, took care of everything in a military, no frills, proper way. He got me the benefits I earned so long ago. I had put off my request for as long as possible. My wounds are extensive. My life is forever a challenge, but Brendan helped this warrior withstand these wounds, with honor and dignity. That was not possible until the system was reminded and pressed by my forever friend, Brendan Garcia, Military Atty and veteran. (THANK YOU! Brendan)!!