North Carolina product manufacturers are liable for the effects of their goods when consumers sustain damage by using an item as directed. The legal requirements to pursue a claim based on a defective product are complex and may be difficult to understand without guidance from VetLaw’s team of steadfast personal injury attorneys.

If you were hurt after using a product as instructed, legal recourse may be available. A diligent North Carolina product liability lawyer can help investigate an item’s design specifications, establish that you used it in a reasonable way, and measure your damages to demand appropriate compensation.

Injuries Resulting from Defective Products

Every product manufacturer has the obligation to make products that function safely. This means that companies must anticipate the way consumers will use a product and account for potential accidents in its design.

However, this places the burden of proof on injured consumers to demonstrate that their use of a product at the time of an accident was appropriate. For example, if you suffer a broken leg after falling off a ladder, you must provide evidence that you used it in the proper way by bracing it against a wall and having a spotter present.

Otherwise, an at-fault product manufacturer may allege that you bear some responsibility for your losses in order to avoid compensating you. Fortunately, a seasoned North Carolina product liability attorney can evaluate the circumstances of your case to determine if a manufacturer may be liable.

Pursuing a Claim

There are several things that an injured plaintiff must establish to be successful in a product liability case, according to North Carolina General Statutes §99B-6. For example, you must prove that the design of a dangerous product was inherently defective, that its defect caused your injury, and that an alternative, economically viable design would have prevented your damages before you can collect any compensation. This may require you to hire expert witnesses who can attest to how a better design would have prevented your harm.

You may also work with a skilled product liability lawyer in North Carolina to prove that a manufacturer did not provide adequate warnings about an item’s inherent danger. These cases are more straightforward than those alleging improper design, and NC Gen Stat §99B-5 states that plaintiffs can prevail in these cases by proving that a company’s product label failed to warn consumers of potential risks involved with using the item.

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Product liability claims in North Carolina are often more complex than they first appear. It is necessary for you to prove that a product’s failure caused your injuries and that a design defect or inadequate warning was the source of that failure. Additionally, the manufacturers may argue that you did not use the product as intended.

An experienced North Carolina product liability lawyer can explain the relevant laws, determine the best legal process for pursuing your case, and properly measure your losses to demand appropriate compensation. Call today to learn more about your options from VetLaw’s team.

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