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Injuries resulting from dangerous property conditions or criminal activity on someone else’s land may form the basis of a successful premises liability claim. However, just because an injury happens on another party’s property does not mean that the landowner is liable.

Premises liability claims must examine many factors to determine who is responsible for causing an accident, such as whether the injured party had permission to be on the property and what steps the landowner took to provide protection.

A skilled North Carolina premises liability claims lawyer can help you initiate litigation if a landowner’s negligence caused your injuries. A dedicated personal injury attorney can work to compile evidence, build a strong case on your behalf, and pursue compensation for your damages.

Hazardous Property Conditions

Landowners are legally responsible for maintaining their property and remedying any hazardous conditions in a timely manner to protect invitees from foreseeable harm. For example, a property owner who allows ice or standing water to accumulate in an accessible area may be held liable for any subsequent injuries. Additionally, an injury resulting from a broken step, poor lighting, or inadequate security may leave a property owner liable.

Places that are open to the public like restaurants, bars, and gas stations must have proper security to protect customers. For instance, a bar without security staff or a gas station without surveillance equipment may elicit an assault or robbery. An experienced North Carolina dangerous premises claims attorney can examine a property owner’s actions to discern whether they took adequate measures to prevent your losses.

Filing a Premises Liability Claim

Property owners are only responsible for protecting those who have permission to be on their land, which typically includes guests and business invitees. As a result, trespassers would have a difficult time arguing that a landowner’s failure to provide protection was the source of their injuries.

North Carolina courts use contributory negligence to determine fault in premises liability cases. This means that a plaintiff who bears any responsibility for causing the incident which led to their injuries cannot collect any compensation. A landowner may argue that you were trespassing or wore improper footwear to avoid liability.

You must establish that you had permission to be on the premises, that your activities did not contribute to the incident, and that the defendant failed to provide adequate protection. VetLaw’s team of attorneys can work to refute the opposing party’s accusations and help you obtain maximum compensation.

Finally, North Carolina General Statutes §1-52 affords injured individuals only three years from the date of an accident to pursue a claim in most cases. Meeting this important legal deadline can be made easy with the help of a knowledgeable property owner liability lawyer in North Carolina.

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Property owners must take appropriate steps to protect invited guests from hazards on their premises. If you were injured while lawfully visiting someone else’s property, professional legal advice is available from VetLaw’s team.

A well-versed North Carolina premises liability claims lawyer can help you pursue a civil claim for damages against an at-fault landowner. Gathering essential evidence, measuring your losses, and demanding compensation can be made easier with guidance from qualified legal counsel. Call today to schedule a case evaluation with our team.