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Walking to your destination may put you at risk for severe injuries in the event of an accident involving a motor vehicle. Regardless of whether you are walking on the sidewalk, a driver’s carelessness can result in devastating losses for a pedestrian.

Additionally, many drivers fail to adhere to pedestrians’ right of way when they cross the road. As a result, many collisions take place at crosswalks or other locations where pedestrians walk over roads.

A dedicated North Carolina pedestrian incident lawyer can help you stand up for your rights after an accident. VetLaw’s team of steadfast personal injury attorneys can work to gather evidence of a driver’s negligence, evaluate your losses, and demand adequate compensation for your losses.

Laws Protecting Pedestrians

There is one clear example of a law that provides specific protection to pedestrians. North Carolina Statute §20-173 states that drivers must yield the right of way to any pedestrian who is attempting to cross the road where a crosswalk is present. Moreover, motor vehicle operators must also yield to pedestrians when emerging from an alley, private road, or driveway. Licensed drivers are legally responsible for protecting other motor vehicle operators and pedestrians from foreseeable harm. A driver who breaches this duty of care could be required to reimburse an injured claimant’s subsequent medical bills, emotional anguish, and lost wages.

Establishing that a driver violated an of these laws may be key to pursuing a successful claim. Negligence per se allows a court to assume a defendant’s liability for an accident if they violated a traffic law beforehand. Crosswalk laws usually play an important role in pedestrian accident claims. A knowledgeable North Carolina pedestrian accident attorney can provide more information about relevant state laws and how they would inform a civil suit.

Determining Fault

It is usually necessary to evaluate the actions of all involved parties to assign blame for an incident. North Carolina courts use the contributory negligence standard to determine fault in personal injury cases. As a result, a plaintiff who shares any responsibility for causing the incident which resulted in their injuries would be barred from receiving any compensation.

For example, a pedestrian who crosses a street without using a crosswalk, uses a crosswalk against the light, wears dark clothing at night and limits their visibility, or moves out from between parked cars could be found partially liable for any losses which result from an accident under these conditions. A diligent pedestrian injury lawyer in North Carolina can help you establish an at-fault driver’s negligence and defend against any allegations of your contribution to the accident.

A North Carolina Pedestrian Incident Attorney Can Help

The aftermath of a pedestrian accident may leave you with considerable injuries and financial obligations. Whether you were hurt in an accident at a crosswalk, on a sidewalk, or in a parking lot, a seasoned North Carolina pedestrian incident lawyer can help you pursue a claim for fair compensation. You may have a limited time to file a claim, so get in touch with VetLaw’s team today.