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Pursuing damages in a civil suit can be expensive and time consuming, especially if it goes to court. However, most personal injury cases run through a defendant’s insurance company and do not usually proceed to trial. In fact, most compensation comes from successful insurance claims.

Pursuing compensation through an at-fault party’s insurance company is still an adversarial process. If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, consult a knowledgeable personal injury attorney from VetLaw’s team who can assist you with collecting evidence to demonstrate fault and protect your rights. A dedicated North Carolina insurance claims lawyer can help you pursue a claim for maximum compensation.

The Role of an Insurance Company

Accidents involving motor vehicles and slip and falls typically involve an insurance company, as all drivers and landowners must carry insurance protection. If the other driver does not have insurance, your own insurance carrier’s uninsured motorist coverage may apply. As a result, insurance companies function as a primary line of legal defense for policyholders and are responsible for providing compensation to injured plaintiffs. A skilled North Carolina insurance claims attorney can provide more information about the role of these companies in pursing monetary damages.

Potential Defense Strategies

As common as insurance claims may be after accidents, it important to remember that it is the goal of a defendant’s insurance company to minimize their payout to injured parties. They would investigate a claim to determine whether their insured is at fault and ultimately seek to protect themselves.

It follows that insurance companies will try to settle claims as cheaply as possible. They may attempt to get statements from injured plaintiffs that contradict previous reports. Additionally, they could hire private investigators to monitor a claimant’s alleged recovery. An insurance company may also offer a quick, token-sum settlement to end a case quickly and for a fraction of its actual value.

These companies are aware of state laws about contributory negligence, which denies a plaintiff any compensation if a jury believes that they are even marginally to blame for the incident. Moreover, North Carolina Statute §1-52 affords injured parties a statute of limitations of only three years in which they may bring a claim for damages. Insurance companies may attempt to drag a case on longer than necessary to deter you from keeping up with the process. A seasoned insurance claims lawyer in North Carolina can help protect your claim against aggressive companies and meet strict legal deadlines.

Speak with a North Carolina Insurance Claims Attorney Today

Most compensation for personal injuries comes from insurance claims because most defendants have insurance coverage, and most claims for damages fall within those policy limits. Even so, it is essential for you to demonstrate the strength of your case during settlement talks.

A diligent North Carolina insurance claims lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and demand payments for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional anguish. Call today to learn more about how you should interact with insurance companies after an accident.