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Mike Daisley

For more than 30 years, Mike Daisley has served clients throughout the Carolinas, helping veterans and non-veterans alike obtain fair compensation for damages and injuries sustained through the carelessness of others. Mike has successfully handled injury and death cases involving drunk driving crashes and other motor vehicle collisions, motorcycle accidents, school bus passenger and pedestrian injury and death cases, unsafe premises claims, as well as different types of wrongful death claims.

Mike is an Accredited Attorney with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and has successfully represented veterans and their families denied benefits by VA.  Mike has also been a certified Mediator by the North Carolina Civil Superior Courts since 1999, and has negotiated hundreds of Civil Court disputes involving a wide variety of cases, from domestic family law cases to commercial and property disputes, as well as his primary area of focus, insurance and injury claims.

Respected Attorney With A Thorough Understanding Of Law and Procedures

In his long and successful career, Mike has worked on “both sides” as plaintiff and defense counsel, and possesses a thorough understanding of the tactics used by opponents as well as the insurance companies often involved in many of his clients’ cases.

With extensive litigation, negotiation and mediation experience, and a track record of successful results, Mike Daisley is well known in the legal community, and highly-respected by his colleagues for his professionalism, high integrity, courtroom and writing abilities as well as his friendly, pleasant demeanor. 

VetLaw is pleased to add the decades of Mike’s experience to its many resources to help our veteran clients, their neighbors and their families, and we are pleased to have him and his professional staff as part of our “VetLaw team” serving in our new Charlotte offices.

Mike Daisley
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