Serving in any branch of the military can expose servicemembers to dangerous conditions. As a result, veterans who leave active-duty service with a disability can pursue benefits through the VA’s disability compensation program. However, a disabling condition alone is not enough to qualify for benefits.

Applicants must provide detailed information concerning their time on active duty in order to be compensated for their losses. Pursuing VA disability claims in Charlotte can be a complex and frustrating process, but a VA-accredited attorney can help you understand the VA’s application steps and work toward filing an effective claim based on their strict criteria.

How to Initiate a Claim

There are two ways to file a claim in Charlotte for VA disability benefits, the most direct of which is to create an account through their online eBenefits program. This option affords a former servicemember all the time they need to gather relevant information and save it in a file that can be accessed at any time.

Alternatively, a veteran may download a paper application from the VA’s website or contact their local VA office to request important forms. Once completed, they can mail this form to the appropriate processing site.

Essential Information About Disability Claims

There are three criteria for any VA disability claim that a veteran must be able to demonstrate, and a failure to prove any of these elements will generally lead to a denial. The first requirement involves proving that you currently suffer from a disabling condition.

Qualifying physical injuries include paralysis, loss of hearing, blindness, and more. Additionally, mental health problems such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety may warrant VA disability benefits. Many successful claims provide information about a combination of both physical and mental conditions.

Medical documentation from a VA physician can testify to the severity and scope of a former servicemember’s disability. Working directly with VA doctors can also help form the basis for a strong claim for benefits.

In addition, you must also establish a connection between your disabling condition and your time on active duty. You should point to a specific instance that occurred during active duty which resulted in your disability.

For example, a claim can be based on exposure to hazardous chemicals or proximity to loud machinery. Any injury which occurs during your active-duty service, whether in uniform or at home, may be compensated by the VA’s benefits program.

Finally, you must have received a discharge under honorable conditions in order to qualify. Presenting a DD-214 form which lists your discharge status can satisfy this requirement. A VA-accredited attorney can help applicants gather evidence to pursue a successful VA disability claim in Charlotte.

Let a Skilled Attorney Help You Pursue a VA Disability Claim in Charlotte

The VA offers compensation to any former servicemember who now suffers from a disabling service-related injury. Whether a veteran receives these disability benefits after leaving the military can often mean the difference between financial stability and uncertainty.

However, obtaining these benefits can be complicated, and the required forms ask for detailed information that you may not have readily available. Fortunately, VetLaw’s team of qualified lawyers can help you gather and present medical evidence, records of your time in the military, and discharge papers.

A VA-accredited attorney can help you pursue a VA disability claim in Charlotte by offering sound legal advice for every step of the process. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your application.

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