The VA’s disability compensation program can provide essential tax-free income to veterans who now suffer from a disability related to their time on active duty. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits can be difficult and time-consuming, and it is not uncommon for a former servicemember to have to endure a lengthy appeal process to receive payments.

More than half of all initial applications are met with a denial. This can happen because of a lack of medical evidence, an inability to prove a service connection or a lack of discharge under honorable conditions.

Fortunately, a denial does not have to be the end of your claim, so reach out to VetLaw’s team of dedicated attorneys for assistance. A Charlotte VA disability appeals lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to keep your application open and active for consideration as well as pursue the compensation benefits that you deserve.

When an Appeal is Necessary

Denials of claims for VA disability benefits are unfortunately common, as the VA only issues benefits to veterans who meet specific criteria. For example, in order to qualify, a former servicemember must be able to prove the following:

  • They received a discharge from the military under honorable conditions
  • They currently suffer from a certain disabling physical or mental condition
  • Their condition is connected directly to their time on active duty

Qualifying service-related injuries can include those sustained in combat, training accidents, administrative or logistic roles, or even while at home. However, a failure to prove any of these three elements would result in a denial. A Charlotte VA disability appeals attorney can help you interpret the results of your denial for benefits and pursue an appeal on your behalf.

Types of Appeals for VA Disability Benefits

All veterans who receive a denial from the VA have one year to file an appeal, regardless of the reasons for the denial. There are several appellate paths which a former servicemember and their VA-accredited attorney may take.

For instance, a veteran may reopen their file at the local level and introduce new evidence to request a re-examination of their claim. This option may be appropriate if a lack of medical evidence or service record resulted in a denial.

Additionally, a former servicemember may request a hearing before a Veterans’ Law Judge. While this may significantly extend the length of a case, a judge is not bound to any decisions made on the local level.

This path is useful for a locally denied appeal or if a complex legal disagreement about an important stipulation is preventing a disabled veteran from collecting benefits. A seasoned VA disability appeals lawyer in Charlotte can help you file an appeal and strengthen your claim for compensation.

A Charlotte VA Disability Appeals Attorney Can Help Continue a Claim

Many former servicemembers rely on VA compensation benefits to pay bills, especially if their condition leaves them unable to work. If you have received a denial for VA disability benefits, do not become discouraged. Working with VetLaw’s team of knowledgeable attorneys affords veterans several options to keep their files moving forward after a denial.

A Charlotte VA disability appeals lawyer can help you determine the reason for your denial, gather any new evidence that may garner full compensation, and choose an appeal path that gives you the best chance of success. Call today to schedule a consultation and review your options.

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