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There are many conditions that qualify for Social Security disability, but over the past few decades, the various forms of cancer have ravaged the lives of countless cancer victims and their families, and ended the lives of many others. Social Security Disability can be a great option to continue supporting your family if the effects of cancer have made it impossible for you to continue working.

If you are looking into Social Security Disability, or if you have already applied and received a denial of benefits letter from the agency, we can help. Our cancer and SSD lawyer has been through this process many times and can help you get the benefits you need.

Cancer and SSD Eligibility

SSD eligibility is a source of confusion for many people, and there are a lot of SSD and SSI myths out there adding to the confusion. Some of the important aspects of SSD eligibility for cancer sufferers include:

  • Disability: The most important aspect of SSD, regardless of the particular illness or injury, is the SSD definition of “disability.” According to SSD, to be eligible, you need to be disabled, which means you are unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity (SGA). If you can do any work, even if that work provides far less pay than the work you used to do, you are not eligible for benefits.
  • Eligibility for veterans: Many veterans who are receiving veteran’s disability benefits are also eligible to receive SSD benefits.
  • After cancer: In many cases where the cancer was “cured” or “in remission,” we have successfully attained SSD benefits for our clients, because the residual effects of the radiation and chemotherapy treatments can still render them disabled.

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