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Every company that produces goods does so with the purpose of earning a profit. However, a Charlotte business is obligated to keep its customers safe from any harm which its product might bring. All manufacturers that injure their customers by making goods which are unsafe may be liable for any resulting damages.

A well-versed Charlotte product liability lawyer can help you pursue a claim against an irresponsible company whose goods caused your injury. Understanding Charlotte’s complex product liability laws, evaluating a manufacturer’s actions and designs, and measuring your losses to demand proper compensation can be made easier with help from VetLaw’s team of steadfast personal injury attorneys.

Seeking Compensation for a Defective Design

According to North Carolina Statutes §99B-6, an injured claimant may allege that a manufacturer’s defective design resulted in an inherently dangerous product. A plaintiff would need to prove that a product’s design directly caused their losses and that an economically viable, alternative design would have prevented their injury.

Finally, a claimant must be able to connect their injuries to an incident involving a defective product. A seasoned Charlotte product liability attorney can review a manufacturer’s original design plans, work with experts to determine whether there is a viable alternative design, and connect a person’s injuries and subsequent damages to the defect.

Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings

NC Stat §99B-5 provides an alternative method of demonstrating that a product’s manufacturer is liable for providing unsafe goods. Under this statute, an injured plaintiff may recover compensation for their losses if they can prove that a company failed to provide adequate instructions for proper use of their product. A failure to provide a warning of potential hazards associated with using an item could form the basis of successful civil claim for damages.

A case centered around improper warnings may involve situations where a consumer suffers injuries from using a product improperly, such as unintentionally taking a dangerous dose of a medication. A qualified defective products lawyer in Charlotte can help evaluate the warnings and instructions which accompany an item to determine whether its manufacturer fulfilled their legal safety obligations.

Let a Charlotte Product Liability Attorney Help You Today

A company that uses a defective design when manufacturing their goods may place their customers at a significant risk of harm. Additionally, manufacturers who do not provide their customers with adequate instructions on how to properly use their product, or warnings about the dangers associated with an item, may leave consumers vulnerable to significant injuries.

Those who endure injuries because of a company’s failure to meet these standards have a right to demand compensation for their losses. Damages awarded in a successful civil suit may cover medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and pain and suffering. A knowledgeable Charlotte product liability lawyer can help you investigate the cause of your injuries, determine whether a manufacturer is liable for them, and pursue adequate compensation. Contact our firm today to schedule an initial consultation with a skilled legal professional.