Every property owner in Charlotte has a legal responsibility to maintain their premises and keep visitors safe. Injuries sustained while lawfully visiting someone else’s land could form the basis of a successful premises liability claim for damages.

For help with establishing your right to be on the premises at the time of your injury, refuting allegations of contributory negligence from a landowner, and demonstrating that they breached their duty of proper care and maintenance, you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney from VetLaw’s team. A dedicated Charlotte premises liability claims lawyer can explain relevant laws, examine the actions or inaction that led to your injuries, and pursue compensation on your behalf.

Common Causes of Premises Accidents

A property owner who fails to properly maintain their premises could be held liable for any subsequent injuries. For instance, a slip and fall accident could result from a landowner’s failure to remedy a hazardous condition like debris in a walkway. Other examples of a property owner’s breach of care include:

  • Unmarked structural defects such as potholes or loose railings
  • Providing inadequate security
  • Poor lighting in common areas
  • Improper fire escapes
  • Unsecured locks in residential buildings

However, a plaintiff can only collect compensation if they prove that they had a right to be on the premises at the time of their injury. State law mandates landowners to take reasonable care and protect guests and business invitees on their property. As a result, a negligent property owner may allege that an injured claimant was trespassing when they were hurt in order to avoid paying damages. A skilled Charlotte property owner liability attorney can help assess your circumstances and determine whether your claim is likely to succeed in court.

Contributory Negligence in Premises Liability Claims

Charlotte courts use contributory negligence to assign fault for premises accidents. Accordingly, a judge cannot award any compensation for an injury following an accident if they find that a plaintiff contributed to their own losses in any way. For example, a defendant property owner in a slip and fall case involving a spill in a grocery store may argue that a plaintiff was looking at their cell phone prior to falling.

If a jury finds evidence of a claimant’s negligence, they would not award compensation for their injuries. Fortunately, a premises accident lawyer in Charlotte can help build a strong claim that establishes a landowner’s fault and protects a plaintiff’s rights.

Reach Out to a Charlotte Premises Liability Claims Attorney Today

Any injury that occurs on another party’s land may warrant a premises liability claim for compensation. Every landowner has a legal duty to protect invited guests on their property. However, proving that you had permission to be on their land can be difficult in some circumstances.

A Charlotte premises liability claims lawyer can help you pursue monetary damages from an at-fault property owner. You may have as few as three years from the date of your injury to pursue a claim, so call our firm today to get started.

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