Charlotte drivers have a legal duty to protect any pedestrians they may encounter while driving. Pedestrian incidents involving motor vehicles can result in serious or life-altering injuries which may incur substantial medical costs.

However, proving that another party was responsible for the incident that caused your losses can be difficult without guidance from VetLaw’s team of seasoned personal injury attorneys. A dedicated Charlotte pedestrian incident lawyer can help you hold negligent parties accountable by measuring your losses, evaluating their actions leading up to the accident, and demanding appropriate compensation on your behalf.

Pedestrian Traffic Laws

While licensed drivers must take precautions to prevent harm from befalling others, pedestrians must also take reasonable care to prevent collisions with vehicles. North Carolina Statutes §20-173 states that drivers must yield the right of way to a pedestrian who is lawfully crossing the road at a crosswalk as well as those emerging from an alley, driveway, or private road.

Pedestrians should cross the road by using a crosswalk, obey walk signals at intersections, and give drivers an opportunity to come to a complete stop to allow safe passage. An injured pedestrian who can justify their actions prior to an incident may be awarded monetary damages from an at-fault driver. Otherwise, pedestrians who are found even partially responsible for their own injuries would be barred from receiving any compensation.

However, perhaps the most important element of a pedestrian incident claim involves identifying and proving a motor vehicle operator’s breach of reasonable care. A violation of a driver’s duty of care may entail disobeying traffic laws, failing to yield, or distracted driving. A diligent Charlotte pedestrian accident attorney can offer insight about a driver’s obligations toward others and build a strong case accordingly.

Recoverable Damages for an Injured Pedestrian

Pedestrian incidents can vary greatly in severity. Many claimants suffer injuries which require minimal medical treatment and have no long-term effects to their health. However, even minor car crashes involving pedestrians can have serious effects on a person’s life. A claimant seeking damages after an accident must have suffered a severe injury such as separated joints, cuts or bruises, severe head trauma, or broken bones in order to be compensated.

A compensatory award may cover medical treatment, lost wages, and emotional trauma that results from an accident. A knowledgeable pedestrian injury lawyer in Charlotte can help measure an individual’s losses to demand proper compensation from a negligent driver.

Let a Charlotte Pedestrian Incident Lawyer Advocate for You

Any collision with a moving car can result in broken bones, separated joints, and traumatic brain injuries. Prevailing in a pedestrian incident case involves proving that a defendant driver’s negligence caused your losses and justifying your own actions to refute allegations of contributory negligence.

A steadfast Charlotte pedestrian incident lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to gather persuasive evidence, measure the incident’s impact incident on your life, and hold negligent defendants responsible. Contact our firm today to learn more about your options from qualified legal counsel.

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