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The impact of a car crash combined with a lack of protection can leave a motorcyclist vulnerable to life-changing injuries. Fortunately, state law allows any person who suffers harm because of the negligence of another party to pursue compensation for their losses.

Motorcyclists who endure injuries in auto collisions may recover damages with a personal injury attorney’s help if they can prove that a defendant driver caused the incident. A Charlotte motorcycle collision lawyer can help you establish essential elements in your case, gather evidence of defendant negligence, and measure your losses to demand adequate payments.

Risks Associated with Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. Even if a biker takes every step to preserve their safety, such as wearing protective gear, following all applicable traffic signals, and obeying all rules of the road, severe injuries are still possible in the event of an accident. Any collision between a motorcyclist and another vehicle can lead to significant or life-altering conditions such as broken bones, separated joints, and traumatic brain injuries.

If a biker is forced to come to an abrupt stop or swerve around debris left by another person’s car, that driver may be liable for any resulting injuries. A Charlotte motorcycle crash attorney can offer more insight about the potential risks associated with these kinds of accidents.

A Biker’s Burden of Proof

To prevail in a civil claim, a plaintiff must prove that a defendant owed them a duty of care, breached it, and subsequently caused their injury. All motor vehicle operators assume a duty to protect anyone they encounter while on the road from foreseeable harm. It follows that those injured in motorcycle collisions can pursue negligent drivers for compensation.

However, Charlotte courts use contributory negligence when determining fault for an accident. A reckless driver may allege that a claimant is responsible for causing the incident which led to their losses. A judge who finds a plaintiff even partially liable for their own injuries cannot award any compensation.

It is therefore a claimant’s responsibility to show that a defendant’s speeding, failure to signal or yield, or texting while driving was the cause of their accident. Finally, it is essential for a biker to measure and cite the scope of their physical injuries, economic losses, and emotional trauma during litigation to ensure adequate compensation.

Even if a claimant can show that a driver was negligent, their case may be dismissed if they do not file on time. North Carolina Statutes §1-52 gives injured plaintiffs three years from the date of an accident to file a claim for damages, with some exceptions. A motorbike accident lawyer in Charlotte can help facilitate a civil claim against responsible parties within the allotted legal time limits.

Call a Charlotte Motorcycle Collision Attorney Today

Motorcycle collisions can result in severe injuries and leave you with significant medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and emotional trauma. Negligent drivers who cause these incidents could be required to provide compensation to injured parties. However, obtaining fair payments for your losses can be difficult without legal counsel.

A Charlotte motorcycle collision lawyer can approach your case from an informed position and gather evidence, measure your losses, and demand adequate compensation on your behalf. There is a limited time to file a claim, so do not hesitate to contact VetLaw’s team today.