Each year, kids and adults — individuals of all ages — are transported by school buses to schools, sporting events, church and event functions all across North Carolina, South Carolina and throughout the nation. When injuries occur on these buses, an injury claim may be filed with the assistance of a Charlotte bus accident lawyer. To learn more or discuss the particulars of your case, schedule a consultation with our injury team today.

Types Of School Bus Incidents

Sadly, many suffer injuries as a result of school bus accidents that include:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries while boarding and exiting the vehicle
  • Bus collisions with other vehicles or semi trucks
  • Negligent school bus drivers
  • Hazardous construction zones
  • Malfunctioning engine or other bus parts

Damages Available

Those who are injured have legal options with the help of a Charlotte bus accident attorney. Under the law, injured parties and their families can pursue compensation to pay for expenses like medical bills, rehabilitative expenses and equipment costs, loss of enjoyment or diminished quality of life, among many others.

Working With Insurance Companies

We often work with insurance companies that are typically involved in such claims. Our team has previous experience working with insurance carriers.

This is important because insurance companies are often involved with school bus accident cases. We know how to interpret policies and the strategies and tactics insurance companies use.

Together with extensive experience in the courtroom, I am confident we can help you.

Talking to a Charlotte Bus Accident Attorney

Reach out to our Charlotte bus accident lawyer if you or a loved one suffered injuries in a school bus accident before you talk to, negotiate or rely on any information provided by an insurance company. They are in business to pay out as little as possible.

Let us be your advocate and help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation available under the law.

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