Why an attorney helps for Social Security Disability applications


Social Security Disability is a federal program created to protect American citizens against abject poverty in the face of a serious injury or illness. You have paid into Social Security your entire working life. If you’ve suffered a serious medical incident or an accident that has left you disabled, you may need outside help.

Navigating the process of filing for Social Security Disability can be incredibly difficult. Whether you’re applying for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability, retaining the services of a disability attorney who understands the Carolinas is important.

An attorney can help with the application process

The best way to handle a disability claim is to retain the services of an attorney from the start. While it’s never too late to seek legal help, the longer you wait, the more difficult the attorney’s work may be. Retaining an attorney to help you with your initial claim and application is one of the best ways to ensure you execute everything properly. An attorney can help you gather documentation and even connect you with medical professionals who understand and can testify about your specific condition.

An attorney can help after a claim denial

Some attorneys like to say that Social Security Administration denies every claim the first time. That may be an exaggeration, but every year, thousands of Americans with legitimate claims to disability coverage are denied. They may not have made any mistakes when they filed. They may have serious and qualifying conditions. Their claims are still denied, much to their panic and frustration. Applying with an attorney doesn’t prevent a denial, but it does reduce delays between that denial and your appeal.

That ability to quickly and accurately appeal the initial decision is critical. If you wait too long, you will lose your ability to appeal the decision at all. Your attorney can ensure that you comply with all filing requirements and meet all necessary deadlines. You can also expect your attorney to guide you through the process, using knowledge gained through prior cases and studies.

You deserve the coverage you paid for all those years

Particularly if your initial claim is denied, it’s easy to want to give up on the process. However, you paid your taxes for years, and this is one of the reasons why everyone contributes to Social Security Disability. No one knows when an accident or medical issue could render him or her unable to work. Just like all other hardworking Americans, you deserve Disability coverage if you have a qualifying condition.

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