Helping victims of distracted drivers recover compensation


A previous post on this blog discussed why it is so important for drivers in the Charlotte area to keep their complete focus on the road when driving. Anything that causes distracted driving, including texting and driving, eating and driving or even talking to a passenger and driving, can result in a serious or even deadly accident.

It is sad that in the Carolinas many do not always heed the many warning out there about the dangerous of distracted driving. When drivers choose to ignore these warnings and cause an accident, they can and should be held accountable for the resulting damages to other innocent victims.

Our law office represents victims of distracted drivers and helps them hold those drivers accountable while getting the necessary compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other expenses. With over 25 years of legal experience, we know how to thoroughly investigate a case for any evidence of distracted driving which might have been missed in the initial crash report.

Since our attorneys have worked both for and with insurance companies, we are also well aware of the language of insurance policies and the laws regulating insurance companies, both of which can play an important role in a personal injury case. We also have inside knowledge of what insurance companies might do to reduce their bottom line in a claim.

We handle all types of accidents, including accidents in passenger vehicles as well as school bus, pedestrian and motorcycle accidents. And since we are willing to travel, we are available to assist victims both in the Charlotte area and in other parts of North Carolina and South Carolina as well.

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