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Are VA Disability Lawyers Worth It?

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A VA disability lawyer can offer veterans a valuable, affordable perspective on the claims process.


  • VA disability lawyers are accredited and possess specialized skills for navigating the VA claims process. Veterans often have an easier time securing the disability benefits they deserve.
  • The fee arrangement system is designed to ensure veterans can obtain the help they need with minimal financial risk.
  • Veterans disability claims lawyers handle the administrative and legal aspects of the VA claims process. Meanwhile, veterans can focus on their recovery without the added burden of managing their disability claims.
  • Legal representation can significantly improve appeal outcomes.
  • Hiring a VA disability lawyer doesn’t involve out-of-pocket or up-front payments, unlike hiring an unaccredited VA consultant.
  • Veterans don’t have to pay their attorney’s fee out of their future VA disability benefits, only their back pay benefits.

When confronted with a denial letter from the VA, veterans have the option to accept their current status or appeal the decision. Oftentimes, veterans consider seeking legal assistance from a veterans disability claim appeals attorney. For many veterans, what it boils down to is “Are VA disability lawyers’ services worth the price?”

During our many years of serving veterans, our team has seen the toll the VA appeals process can take, especially among vets who are already struggling with a serious service-related illness or injury. VetLaw has made it our purpose to help veterans overcome the challenges of the VA appeals process so they can access the financial support they need.

Don’t wait to file an appeal for the veterans disability benefits you qualify for. Start by calling (855) 964-1925 or by filling out an online contact form to schedule a free consultation. At VetLaw, you will receive the full benefit of our expertise and efforts as we seek compensation on your behalf.

Reasons to Hire a Veterans Disability Claims Lawyer

Even if you have a medical diagnosis for a condition that clearly fits the standard ratings schedule and the condition has an obvious service connection, the VA may deny your claim for disability benefits. 

VA disability lawyers have the skill set needed to wade through dense VA benefits terminology, assess the reason for the denial, gather evidence to mount an appeal, and advocate for their clients to receive the level of benefits they deserve.

If you are concerned about the tradeoff between the expense of hiring an attorney and the advantage of their services, you should consider the following reasons why hiring a VA disability lawyer makes sense. 

How Legal Representation Benefits Vets in the VA Disability Claims Process

Qualified legal support: Veterans disability claims attorneys are vetted and certified by the VA, providing some reassurance that VA-accredited lawyers are capable of offering effective representation. They can handle a variety of situations, including helping you add a Secondary Condition, beat a rating reduction, or establish a service connection. 

Vets should still do their own research before hiring a VA disability attorney, but ensuring the VA recognizes your representative is a good place to start.

Reduces the burden while you heal: To qualify for veterans disability benefits, you must be currently experiencing symptoms of a service-related illness or injury, which can make it difficult to deal with the bureaucracy of the VA.

Instead of using your limited time and energy to argue with the VA, you can let an expert with greater resources tackle your claim full-time.

High return on investment: When you hire a VA disability lawyer to manage your claim, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can make a huge difference in the outcome of your veterans disability appeal, helping you secure a higher level of benefits than you could have alone. 

Additionally, their fee only comes out of the back pay benefits they help you recover; they have no claim to any future disability benefits you are now earning.

Limited financial risk: VA disability lawyers do not collect a contingency fee unless they are able to help their clients secure compensation. That means veterans don’t have to pay a fee for legal services, only for their VA disability attorney to fail to help them access veterans disability benefits. 

The veterans disability benefits lawyer carries the cost of preparing documentation, investigating your claim, and filing appeals during the process.

Hire a VA Disability Lawyer to Take Charge of Your Veterans Disability Claim Appeal

The main takeaways here are that the fee arrangement system protects veterans and VA disability lawyers provide specialized experience that generates better results. At VetLaw, we believe that veterans should have access to outstanding advocacy. Our team of veterans disability claims appeal lawyers has provided this service for the past decade.

We have considerable experience with the VA. Not only is our founder a Marine veteran, but he also spent time working within the VA benefits system. Our team has harnessed this knowledge to benefit our clients. If you are still questioning whether VA disability lawyers are worth it, we encourage you to attend a free consultation. 

You can call us at (855) 964-1925 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free case evaluation. One of our veterans disability claims appeal attorneys will take a look at your case, discuss how our legal services can help you secure VA disability benefits, and answer any questions you have about our fee arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a VA disability lawyer charge to represent a claim?

A contingency fee for a veterans disability claims attorney ranges from 20 to 33% of the back pay benefits they obtain for their client. This applies to legal services rendered in pursuit of an appeal for disability benefits. VA disability lawyers cannot charge a fee for helping you prepare an initial claim.

When should I hire a veterans disability claims attorney?

You can use a VSO representative to get advice on filing your initial veterans disability claim. After you receive a decision from the VA is when you may want to hire a VA disability lawyer. Their role is to help you file an appeal if the VA denied your claim or underestimated your disability rating.

Don’t wait until the end of your appeal window to bring in a veterans disability benefits denial lawyer. This limits the time they have to analyze your case, determine and rectify the issues, and file an appeal.

Is a VA consultant the same thing as a VA disability lawyer?

No, VA consultants and VA disability lawyers are quite different. It may appear that VA consultants advertise the same services as veterans disability benefits attorneys, but in reality, they have much less credibility. 

At a minimum, a veterans disability claims lawyer has formal legal training, has passed the Bar exam, and possesses VA accreditation. VA consultants do not need to have any of those qualifications to market their services, and they can charge exorbitant fees without delivering results for their clients.